WEBINAR: Timber/Steel Framing in Revit: The latest industry-driven advances + new UI

We invite you to join in our webinar showing the latest updates made to our Wood Framing and Metal Framing software for Revit. Additionally, we’ll take a tour through the new user interfaces that have been made for our wall, floor, and roof framing solutions.

Among the updates we’ll show are framing reports & suggestions, wall validation, and the possibility of having customized studs or joists composed of multiple elements. More on those and other enhancements below the registration table.

The 30-min presentation + Q&A will be hosted twice on February 27th, so please register for the session that’s more convenient for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned user of our Wood Framing or Metal Framing software and want to see what’s new or maybe you’re just thinking about transitioning your framing process from 2D to BIM, we hope you’ll join in this webinar.

Software updates you’ll see in this webinar:

  • New UI

  • Framing reports & suggestions. Get an auto-generated report letting you know how many walls/floors/roofs were checked, issues that were found, and suggestions on how to solve them.
  • Wall validation. Check whether the walls in the current project fit the predefined settings.
  • Make custom framing members that are composed of multiple elements. Applies to studs, joists, top/bottom plates, blocking/nogging, ridge/edge joists. They’ll be distributed based on your own configuration that can be saved in the database for future use.

  • Joined opening options. Use king studs and headers by full opening width configuration.

  • Create sloped joists for roofs with variable layers using a new sample family that’s been added to Wood Framing Roof.

  • Update part parameters.
  • Set your numbering configurations and then number all elements with one click.
  • Connection management. Browse distributed structural connection families, choose parameters for review, modify values, etc.


The definitive solution for timber and light-gauge steel framing in Revit®.

Top Revit® users call AGACAD’s Wood Framing and Metal Framing plug-ins the most powerful and flexible BIM software on the market for framing multi-layer timber-frame walls, floors and roofs.

We hope to see you online!

Download our TOOLS4BIM Dock, and take a trial of our framing BIM solutions for Revit PLUS get instant access to our free Revit extensions: Smart Select, Smart Browser Free, and Cut Opening Free.

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