New UI released for Wood/Metal Framing Roof BIM Solutions for Revit

As you may already know, the user interface of our software for framing wood and metal walls and floors in Revit got a makeover this past July. We’re glad to announce that the UI of our Roof Framing solutions has been updated as well! So now all of our BIM framing solutions for Revit have a sleek new look.

To users of Wood Framing Roof or Metal Framing Roof, be sure to download the update in the Dock to begin using the new interface plus a few new functions that have been added (read on for more on those).

All the previous commands are still included, so don’t be thrown by the new look. Although commands have been re-arranged, they’ve been complemented with icons and tool-tips to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. See below for where commands are located in the ribbon in the new UI of Roof+.

Exploded view of ROOF+ functions

And here are the tool-tips that appear when you hover over a command in the main or secondary ribbon.

ROOF+ tool-tips

We’re hopeful that you find the new UI easier on the eyes and more user-friendly. Now let’s take a look at those new features at your disposal.

Custom Studs & Joists

In the newest versions of our Revit framing solutions, you can create custom studs and joists containing two elements. They will be distributed based
on your own configuration that can be saved in the database for future use.

Here are two examples with Wall+ showing two common ways that double-element studs can be placed using this new function. You can also do this with joists in Floor+ and Roof+.

First, here are back-to-back studs.

Zoomed in a bit…

And in the second example we have some side-by-side studs.

Closer up…

Custom Ridge Studs and
Edge Joists

Just like common studs and joists, ridge studs and edge joists are now also customizeable.

Variable Joists

A new sample family has been added to Wood Framing Roof+.
Using this family, you‘ll be able to create sloped joists for roofs with variable layers, as seen here:

Manage connections

You may already know that you can manage profiles of structural framing
elements. In the newest updates, you‘ll also be able to manage connections using the Manage Connections command.

In this window, you‘ll be able browse
through distributed structural connection families, choose parameters for review, modify their values, etc.:

That’s all the metal and wood framing updates this time around, along with the revamped UI for the Roof solutions.

Current users: Be sure to download the updates to these solutions in the TOOLS4BIM Dock. We’d appreciate your feedback!

Potential users: Take a free 2-week trial of our robust Wood and/or Metal Framing BIM Solutions for Revit. Just download the TOOLS4BIM Dock, and select the Wall, Floor or Roof software you’d like to test out. We are ready to support you during your trial period, starting off with a free LIVE demo.

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Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2020, 2019, 2018

The definitive solution for wood/metal framing with Revit

Top Revit users call AGACAD’s Wood/Metal Framing Suite the most powerful and flexible BIM software on the market for constructions with multi-layer timber-frame or metal-frame walls, floors and roofs. That includes prefabricated panels, rafters and trusses, and great SIPs, CLT and post-and-beam solutions.

Advanced automation and built-in best practices help BIM professionals make optimal choices, move much faster, and avoid errors at every stage – from design and documentation to fabrication and construction.

It’s easy to quickly batch add, modify or mark just the right elements or parameters, distribute details, flexibly manage openings and connections, and find clashes. Frames dynamically update and adapt, ensuring that shop drawings and cut lists are always accurate.

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