May 15, 2017

How to Cut Openings for Windows and Doors when you have linked architectural walls to your structural model?

It’s quite common to have two different files for architecture and structure in Revit workflows. If an architect is placing windows or doors in his file, the void is not cut in the structural wall. In this case structural engineers should place door/window openings by themselves.

No Openings for doors and windows. Revit

 No Openings in structural wall

We have easy solution: Cut Opening for Revit is looking for windows and doors in architectural file, reads all needed information (Width, Height, or Rough Width and Rough Height) and transfers all this data to structural window/door opening.

Data Transfer from window/door to window/door opening

This sized opening is placed at the same position where window/door is.

Openings for Windows and Doors

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