New Cut Opening Version Released. Missing functionality has been implemented (Part 1)

We’ve just released a new version of Cut Opening with lots of new features. Some of them were implemented together with our customers from Clancy Consulting and Mott MacDonald teams. You can read the short descriptions down below.


Gary Royle @ Clancy Consulting

“We would like to use round holes for cable trays but can’t seem to change. Is this possible?? In answer to your question, it is felt that it is cheaper to create a circular opening in a piece of steel than it is to create a rectangular hole. Therefore for small cable trays such as 50mm x 30mm it is felt that it would be cheaper to create a circular hole of around 75mm diameter.”

We opened the possibility to add round openings for all rectangular MEP objects (Ducts, Cable Trays).

The software calculates the diagonal length of the rectangular object and adds a round opening with a specific diameter. This feature allows BIM users to build models as they do out in the industry.


Otto E Stallworth @ Mott MacDonald

“We’ve noticed that the “Insert/Modify MEP Openings” interface keeps a history of all elements used in the process. We have over 1500 items in some models and it causes extreme decreases in performance, double and triple the processing time. Is there a way to clear this history? At this stage in the project we are only running the software on each station one time which is followed by a thorough review. During this review is when we plan to Modify the openings, therefore we feel we can break the link between the openings and the plugin. Since this plugin was introduced very late in this project, we have a lot of openings created by editing profiles so we must do a manual check regardless. So is it possible to break this link and would it increase efficiency? “

Insert/Modify MEP Opening has been split into two different parts: Insert MEP Openings and MEP Openings’ Revision. Now when you insert a new opening by a new *.xml, the software won’t read the whole model, so the insertion of new openings will be much faster than before. To review or edit an opening, use MEP Openings’ Revision.

We always await Revit users’ wish lists. If you are using our Revit plugins or BIM solutions and you are missing some features, please share your wishes with our team. You are welcome to contact us via e-mail at or simply by clicking the “Contact Support” button at the bottom of our webpage. So, what’s on your wish list?

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