Cut Opening Software Opens New Possibilities for Collaboration between Revit® Users

Cut Opening application for Autodesk® Revit® opens new possibilities for collaboration between MEP Engineers and Structural Engineers or Architects.

Basically, MEP engineers should define MEP clashes with structural elements. All these clashes should have different sizes, shapes, depths, etc. These opening parameters should be specified by MEP engineer. But how do you transfer information about thousands of openings to your structural engineers?

Sometimes structural engineers are making openings on their own; sometimes MEP engineers are making generic models to identify places and sizes of openings. Structural engineers are really struggling with these kinds of workflows. Such workflows take lots of time to achieve required results.

AGACAD released new Cut Opening version that allows MEP engineers define all needed information about MEP openings and transfer this information using only one button. Structural engineers or architects then can insert openings by all parameters, coordinates and other information provided by MEP engineers.

During opening creation some changes may occur – MEP elements could move, change shapes or sizes, structures may move, etc. All these changes can be managed by Cut Opening software automatically or by MEP engineers manually. Sometimes, additional manual corrections should be also done to join, enlarge, or move openings, etc. After openings are fully arranged by MEP engineers – all the information about them should be sent to those who are responsible for structures.

We are using technology where all automatic or manual changes are saved to *.XML file and can be sent to structural engineers. The workflow looks like this:

  • Architect or Structural Engineer prepares a model;
  • Model is sent to MEP Engineer;
  • MEP engineer opens a copy of architectural or structural model;
  • MEP engineer inserts openings using Cut Opening solution;
  • MEP engineer checks the locations, sizes, offsets, etc. of openings related to architectural and structural models;
  • MEP engineer makes some manual changes directly to the openings;
  • MEP engineers export *.XML file with TRUE openings using Cut Opening feature “Export Created”;
  • MEP engineer sends *.XML file to his colleague, architect or structural engineer;
  • Architect or structural engineer inserts openings using *.XML file and Cut Opening solution;
  • Architects or structural engineers are happy because this took only a few seconds.

This new BIM solution Cut Opening collaboration technology improves cooperation between MEP and structural engineers or architects. If you are struggling with the tasks described above – you should try Cut Opening solution and make sure that cooperation between colleagues becomes easier!

On this occasion, we are hosting a 30-min WEBINAR, which will be held by two Revit specialists that specialize in– MEP engineering and structural engineering. Read more here >>

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