Prepare project drawings & specifications faster

Smart Documentation is a toolset for Autodesk® Revit® for fast, accurate, and high-quality documenting of building projects. In this one extension, Revit users can find all documentation tools in a single place, helping them to complete projects quickly and without errors.

Whether you are an architect, structural engineer, plumbing (MEP) engineer, designer, or manufacturer, the Smart Documentation plugin will speed up drafting tasks, automatically create detailed drawings and specifications, improve the quality of drawings, and simplify documentation tasks.

Created by Revit experts, this add-in was made to help you increase work efficiency and meet strict deadlines producing Revit project documentation at least 2x faster, and up to 10x faster for some specific documentation tasks.

Turn hours of drafting into drawings with a few clicks

This Revit toolset eliminates tasks that do not add value to projects. It is one of the everyday essential tools for each Revit user.

With Smart Documentation you can:

  • Create multiple, automatically-dimensioned and tagged element views
  • Apply dimensioning & tagging rules to existing drawings.
  • Create accurate Assembly views and shop drawings automatically.
  • Sort elements for flexible auto numbering and tag them instantly or use numbering in schedules.
  • Apply dimension chains in plans, elevations, and sections.
  • Import spreadsheets from Excel to Revit and keep them synchronized.
  • Easily and automatically create and manage technical specification legends of any Revit category.
  • Create and manage multiple sheets and apply certain views to them.
  • Save time and money by creating precise documentation efficiently.

      Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2023, 2022, 2021


All Autodesk Revit users (Architects, Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers, Prefabricators), and everyone in the industry who is responsible for drawings, documentation, and content of it.

Why use Smart Documentation for Revit?

You can prepare accurate drawings and specifications quickly, and generate the most up-to-date versions of documents needed for design, production, and construction processes easily.

  • Tools for different purposes : Group, sort, mark, and number Revit elements; create and manage views, assemblies, legends, and sheets.
  • Efficiency : Create precise drawings in just a few clicks.
  • Time-saving automation : Reduce the time for preparing, verifying, and managing project drawings.
  • High quality : Tools that stand out from the competition in terms of flexibility and ability to customize your results.
  • Easy to learn : All the tools in this kit have the same working principle, style, and configurations, so you can learn this toolset quickly.
  • Qualified support and stability : Timely and proactive support, tutorials, and automated software updates.
  • Guaranteed cost recovery : Smart Documentation toolset saves 100s of working hours.

This toolset for automatic documentation provides a full solution to transform your Revit model to fully complete documents in the shortest possible time. It’s flexible and easily adaptable to various drawing types required by Revit users from different disciplines.

Smart Documentation allows you to automate many types of drawings required for the building design and construction processes: design drawings, assembly drawings, engineering drawings, production and shop drawings, technical drawings, etc.

for efficient document generation & management

Discover a better and faster way of working in Autodesk Revit. This toolset plugin saves you lots of time on tasks that can be done automatically.


  • Automatically creates views for selected elements that are fully measured and tagged according to settings.
  • Assigns view templates, view types, crop sizes and more. Renames views as needed.
  • Creates views for individual or multiple elements based on the selection boundary.
  • View creation settings can be saved and reused multiple times.

Assembly Views

  • Creates Assemblies with corresponding element views for walls, structural walls, structural framing, columns, beams, foundations, rebar hosting elements, etc.
  • Created Assembly Views can be automatically dimensioned. Plugin distinguishes what must be measured, where to snap for dimensioning strings, and location of measurement lines. Option to add notes.
  • Creates gravity point (center of gravity).
  • Assigns view templates, view types and more. Adjusts view rotation, assembly alignment, and section position in a view.
  • Creates different schedules according to schedule templates automatically.
  • Creates tags with notes in selected views automatically.
  • Automatically places created views, schedules on sheets according to Sheet Template selection.
  • Assembly creation settings can be saved and reused multiple times.

Predefined Dimensions

  • Apply dimensioning rules to any Revit view or selected elements in a view.
  • Dimensions selected elements in a view. Distinguishes what must be measured, where to snap for dimensioning strings, and location of measurement lines. Option to add notes.
  • Measures Linked elements from linked models.
  • Filtering provides flexibility for dimensioning in Revit.
  • Options to join selected dimension lines.
  • Predefined dimension configurations can be used separately or together with Views and Assemblies configurations.

Quick Dimensions

  • Automatically adds dimensions and dimension chains based on predefined configurations for architectural, structural, or mechanical element categories.
  • Create rule-based wall dimension chains, including grid lines, intersecting walls, openings, and corners to represent plan views.
  • Creates several dimension chains for different references in just a couple of clicks.
  • Joins separate dimensions into a dimension chain.

Numbering & Tags

  • Combine any different family parameter segments to create a specific mark or number.
  • Automatically tag elements in views, filter the elements that need to be tagged, and control tag positions, offsets, and more.
  • Element marks, numbers, or any other parameter values can be used for tagging smartly by filtering elements and avoiding tag overlaps.
  • Automatically tracks positions of grid lines and logically renumbers them.
  • Create new or select existing parameters to determine and enter door swing direction right away.
  • Apply real coordinate or elevation height values for elements of any category.


  • Generate unique QR/Barcodes for any element to carry information associated with it.
  • Create different sizes of QR/Barcodes, which will be saved on your workstation.
  • Makes automatic rebar images containing rebar segment values.

Legends & Data

  • Tables, such as technical specifications or element information sheets, can be automatically created in legend views.
  • Flexible rules for legends include showing one or more views of objects, inserting realistic element images, and creating vertical or horizontal listings.
  • Combines different family categories into one legend, for example, doors and windows.
  • Automatically splits legends into several pages.
  • Features can be applied to linked projects.
  • Imports MS Excel spreadsheets into Revit projects, including style settings. Optionally, apply Revit style settings, and distribute across sheets in Revit.
  • Tracks changes automatically and updates spreadsheets accordingly.


  • Creates and controls a large number of sheets with a high level of automation.
  • Distributes any Revit views on sheets with predefined placement rules.
  • Uses the same view positions, graphics, crop information, and scale for the same type of sheets in a project.
  • Adds new views and manages distribution on sheets.
  • Quickly updates sheet parameters and replaces views, legends, and schedules with new ones.

Smart Documentation automates manual work by using predefined configurations. It creates an XML configuration file that can be stored in a set location for use in future Revit projects or for sharing with other Revit users. This toolset offers multiple configuration types for different purposes and can crop views to match the element size.

Both standalone and network license types of software licenses are available.

Want to find out if this is the right solution for you? Our professionals can help you quickly find out how this software will benefit your design process.


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