January 17, 2020

WEBINAR: Manage & access your Revit content with Smart Browser

Does finding content in your Revit® library eat up too much time? How about modifying Revit families?

If so, then sign up for our free webinar about efficient BIM content management using our Smart Browser software for Revit. It makes browsing, sorting, managing, and controlling Revit families a breeze and drastically reduces the time required to modify them.

Especially for BIM managers, BIM content creators, and Revit users. Whether you’re a seasoned user of Smart Browser or you’re curious to see what this BIM content management software is capable of, we hope you’ll join in!

Among the updates we’ll show are:

  • enhanced UI. (The old UI looked like this… → )
  • load multiple Families or Family Types simultaneously
  • change view to thumbnail view (large/medium) or list view
  • dock the Smart Browser window in Revit – just like you can with Revit’s Properties or Project Browser windows
  • auto-sort and renumber Revit elements using the integrated Sort Mark add-on (more on that after the jump)

As noted, one of the most powerful features in this update of Smart Browser is the integration of our Sort Mark plug-in. This gives you the option to automatically sort and renumber graphical, architectural, and structural Revit elements and write additional information to selected elements. Plus you can save specific localized sort and mark configuration settings for future use.

In this webinar you’ll also see how to:

  • quickly and easily find Revit families in your library by parameter name, value, version, or host type.
  • modify existing parameters of 100s of
    selected families.

  • automatically sort and number families using specific rules.
  • modify materials of many selected families simultaneously.
  • add, modify, and delete family types. Forget about renaming types one by one!

  • add new shared or family parameters to selected

  • transfer family units from one family to

  • keep families in projects up-to-date by easily finding differences between families in your project and families in your library.


BIM content management that scales to fit your needs

Smart Browser is BIM software for batch Revit® parameter management and easy family browsing in a quality controlled environment. A modular approach makes it efficient and cost-effective for offices of any size that do BIM. Unique features save a lot of time and improve results for BIM managers, team leaders and all architects, engineers and designers.

We hope to see you online!

DID YOU KNOW? When you download our Tools4BIM Dock, you get the completely free version▲ of our Smart Browser add-on for Revit! It’s not as souped up as the paid version that will be shown in this webinar, but for a totally free app, it pulls its own weight. And then some. Download the Dock, and see for yourself.

Here’s a comparison of the FREE version VS. the PAID version that will be shown in this webinar.

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