November 22, 2016

BIM Tree Chimpanzee – Use Shared Parameters and Sort by ID

In the previous blog, I gave some examples of how to rename types of families and sort elements in a project. In this blog post, I will continue with information management in a foundation project.

So, I have sent a model to the contractor, and after a few days I received a response. He needs unique numbers for each pile, not only a Mark defining the same kinds of piles. To do this, I will use BIM Tree Manager again and add a new shared parameter to piles and sort them according to element ID, which is unique for every element in a BIM model.

In BIM Tree Manager, I quickly filter all piles in the Structural Foundations category, and I select “Create New Shared Parameter.”

In the dialog box, I name it, select the setting I want, and click OK.

Now, the new parameter is created, and I will use Sort Mark to fill-in its values. This time I select my newly-created parameter, “Pile number.” (The sorting value will be inserted in this column.)

In configuring Sort Mark, I just select “Instance: ID” in the Numbering tab.

Then add “Calculated: Sort Mark Number” to define the Pile number.

After that, I click OK and all my Piles receive a unique value in my new Shared parameter.

So now, by creating a new shared parameter, I can send the requested information to the contractor in just a few minutes!


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