February 7, 2018

WEBINAR: Complex Connections for Timber/Steel Frames in Revit®

Our third webinar of 2018 will be on February 15th. This one’s about creating complex connections automatically, and we’ll begin with auto-generating multi-layered wall/floor/roof framing in Revit. That’s just the preparation for the fun part, though! Once we’ve done the framing, we‘ll see how to distribute various connection details (fasteners, hardware, etc.) automatically using our Wood & Metal Framing software and, for even more complex situations, Smart Details, which lets you define rules and insert hundreds of elements throughout your project with a few clicks.

How can you distribute details with the Framing Software?
What are the benefits and possibilities of using Smart Details as well?
Find out in this webinar!

We kindly invite all current users of our Framing software as well as potential users to attend. If you’re a modeler, designer, engineer, or architect in Revit, we warmly welcome you to join in this webinar. Our engineer will show just how quick and simple handling fasteners and hardware in Revit can be. Come and see how to do it for yourself!

Specific topics that our engineer will get into:

  • Auto-generating multi-layer wall/floor/roof framing using custom rules and templates
  • Automating sheathing
  • Distributing Join Connections and other details using your own configurations with Wood/Metal Framing Software
  • Defining rules and inserting hundreds of elements into the
    project with a few clicks, following project changes, and quickly updating/modifying inserted details with Smart Details
  • Easily preparing shop
    drawings and cut lists, with all required views, where elements are
    dimensioned, sorted, tagged, scheduled, and mass is calculated


Eve Januleviciute | Architectural Engineering, BIM Application Engineer & Certified Revit Professional

We hope to see you online!

link to download TOOLS4BIm Dock

Meanwhile, if you’d like to take a free trial of our framing tools, simply download our TOOLS4BIM Dock. When you open Revit, you can then take a trial of any of our tools. The ones that will be used in this webinar are the Wood Framing Floor, Wood Framing Wall, Metal Framing Floor, and Metal Framing Wall modules.

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