WEBINAR: Prefabricated Timber/Steel Roof Panelling and Framing in Revit®

Ideal for: structural engineers, prefabricated roof designers and manufacturers. The first add-on of its kind for Revit®!

AGACAD’s unique software for Prefabricated Roof Panels is up for demonstration! Available for both wood and metal framing applications, this powerful tool seamlessly automates the roof paneling and framing process: begin with Roof Panel Layout to split a roof into panels, and then frame the panels with Roof Panel Frame (Wood version, Metal version). We invite all existing and potential Wood and Metal Framing users to attend this webinar.

Specific topics that the webinar will address include:

  • Automatically create individual roof panels according to any architectural roof shape
  • Simplify roof panel layout planning, roof splitting and more
  • Create prefabricated timber/steel framing for roofs in Revit® models
  • Define detailed multilayer timber/steel roof framing in a snap using fully customizable rules and templates
  • Automate shop drawings, including sorting, tagging, dimensioning and scheduling of all frames

In the process, you’ll see what Wood/Metal Framing Roof Panel Frame, and Roof Panel Layout solutions are all about.

Unique in the market: the first add-on of it’s kind for Revit®!


  • Significantly increased working speed
  • Standardized and automated prefabricated roof framing and workshop drawing generation
  • No counterpart in the market as yet !
DATE Live on Thursday, September 28, 2017
FREE WEBINAR Prefabricated Timber/Steel Roof Panelling and Framing in Revit®

Eve Januleviciute

Architectural Engineering / BIM Application Engineer & Certified Revit Professional


The Ultimate Prefabricated Roof Panelling Software for Revit®

Roof Panel Layout is a powerful solution for prefabricated roof panels in Revit®. It enables easy roof panel planning and splitting into segments for prefabrication, which can then be used in the roof framing process.


Full-Feature Timber Roof Framing Creator for Revit®

Wood/Metal Roof Panel Frame enables quick and easy creation of even complex wood and metal framing for roofs in Revit® models. Powerful features simplify roof panel layout planning, roof splitting and more. The software automates shop drawings, including the sorting, tagging, dimensioning and scheduling of all frames, as well as exports to CNC machines.

Reserve your webinar seat, and bring all of your questions to this live session.

Briefly about the webinar:

We organize online events using GoToWebinar service. During the webinar we will show our software possibilities and you will have an opportunity to ask questions by typing them in the chat box, using the microphone or calling by phone.

After the registration you’ll get a confirmation email with the link to join the webinar. At the time of event, click this link to join the event. After GoToWebinar software is installed (it’s free for you and it takes only a few minutes), you’ll see our display.

Please make sure you have your computer / laptop speakers turned on during the webinar as audio will be shared via your speakers. You can also call us.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by email events@aga-cad.com.

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