October 5, 2021

New Panel Packer solution gives Revit users tools for optimal modular construction logistics

AGACAD is proud to announce the release of Panel Packer, a powerful solution for planning out the sorting, packing, and loading of prefabricated building components in Autodesk® Revit®.

With digital planning and coordination at the forefront of every construction project, off-site prefabrication has become the norm for timber or steel framed houses and precast concrete high rises. Panelized construction in particular is widely used since panels can be designed and documented in a 3D/2D environment, manufactured in automated production facilities, and then transported to the building site.

And that is where our Panel Packer solution for Revit comes in, to help you stay a step ahead in planning all aspects of logistics.

All-Around BIM Software for Design & Documentation

AGACAD has developed the technical functionality to accommodate a wide range of industry standards, reflecting the current state of designing with prefabricated components, and trailblazing potential new ways of how buildings could be designed.

Panel Packer is an ideal solution for architects, structural engineers, builders, manufacturers, and other construction industry professionals dealing with prefabricated building components in Revit. Panel Packer allows you to efficiently pack pre-assembled wall, floor, and roof panels. The software greatly enhances the workflow by allowing you to create a database of configurations to account for various packing or storing parameters. Users of AGACAD Wood Framing and Metal Framing BIM software can complete the full design and production cycle – from Revit modeling and framing all the way through to packing. The easy-to-navigate UI and simple yet efficient functionality allows for thorough planning and prepping before on-site building assembly commences.

Architectural model of a building in Revit
Framed model of a building in Revit
Panelized model of a framed building in Revit
Panelized walls of a framed building in Revit

Increases efficiency & accuracy, reduces cost & error

Packing wall, floor, and roof assemblies is easy and straightforward with Panel Packer. Once the assemblies are generated, you define how packing should be done. Color coding, unique identifications, even QR coding can be done easily, making the whole process highly efficient. Accurate packing calculations to millimetric precision leave little room for error.

3 timber frames nearly stacked and labeled in Revit

Panel Packer is fully compatible with BIM workflows and standards. Having all the native Revit functionality available allows you to collaborate with other team members or consultants. Ultimately, Panel Packer helps drive down the costs of error associated with transportation and logistics.

Packing configurations of Panel Packer tool for Revit
Labeled panels of a building

Available Online Support for Learning & Software Development

AGACAD’s main focus is your satisfaction with the product. User feedback is critical to the ongoing development of the software and is why Panel Packer contains all the required functionality right out of the gate. In other words, versatility is built into the software.

Regardless of your level of Revit proficiency, we offer online help and support. Besides technical documentation (Settings → E-help), you can get in touch with us directly (Technical Documentation → New Support Ticket).

Stacked frames ready for transport to building site

So that is a brief introduction to the newest Smart BIM tool that we’ve added to our portfolio.

Free demo

Want to find out how Panel Packer can streamline logistics in Revit for you?
Our professionals are here to help.

Contact us for a free, live demonstration given online by one of our BIM experts. You’re more than welcome to download a free trial, but we encourage you to CONTACT US to have a free demo first. That way you’ll be in a better position to evaluate the software during your free 14-day trial period since you’ll already have answers to your preliminary questions and feel more comfortable with the basic workflow.

Free 14-day trial

Follow the instructions below to take a free trial of Panel Packer.

  • Download our TOOLS4BIM Dock that matches your Revit version.
  • Open Revit.
  • In the newly-installed TOOLS4BIM Dock, select Panel Packer.
  • Activation code will be sent to you via email.
  • Enter the activation code.
  • Trial away!