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Tags added to Smart Browser libraries for Revit®

We’re excited to announce a new feature of our Smart Browser software for Revit that will take your library organizational capabilities to the next level.   As creators, we understand...

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Exclusive free upgrade to Smart Documentation for select Agacad clients

As of October 1, 2023, several of our Revit add-ins have been discontinued. These include Dynamic Legend, Quick Dimensions, Smart Assemblies, Smart Views, Smart Sheets, Sort Mark and the T4R Suite.

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The new Agacad UI: simplicity at the forefront

Company news Product news September 25, 2023

A recent major development here at Agacad is the new user interface that we’ve implemented for all products. In addition to incorporating the colors and icons that came with our company rebrandi...

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Two essential improvements for Wood/Metal Framing: Split by invisible lines, Update assembly partially

We’ve added two features to our Wood Framing and Metal Framing software for Revit that will help you model wall frames and generate documentation faster. Let’s get familiar with them, so you can...

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Agacad Advances | 2023 № 2

You may have noticed that Agacad has a new look. It’s more than just visuals, though.

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The power of client input for improving software for Revit

In our dynamic world, companies constantly look for innovative ways to become more competitive. To do that in the BIM context, architects, engineers and designers often turn to Revit add-ins – a spe...

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