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Smart Connections add-in for Revit: new UI for simpler modeling automation

We are thrilled to introduce the redesigned user interface of our Smart Connections add-in for Autodesk® Revit®. In response to user feedback and a commitment to continuous improvement, our team...

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10 ways structural engineers can improve project documentation quality & save time in Revit

BIM practitioners are always on the lookout for ways to consolidate workflows and put out accurate project deliverables faster. We’ve tried to make it easier for you to accomplish that with...

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New feature for Smart Assemblies Revit add-on: Rebar images in schedules

Creating schedules in Revit is a useful way to display information from your model and prepare documentation. Flexible and suitable for multiple construction sectors, schedules can be managed using...

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How to launch Agacad’s Revit add-ons via Dynamo

The visual programming interface of Dynamo enables designers with the tools to extract, manipulate, and move Building Information Model (BIM) data in ways that make optimized workflows accessible. D...

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Create interlocking precast wall connections easier with this new feature of Smart Walls Revit add-on

We’ve implemented a new feature for our Smart Walls Revit add-on. In addition to controlling gap distances and joins between walls, the tool now lets you manage interlocking precast wall panels, giv...

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