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December 31, 2021

Being environmentally aware: sustainability in AGACAD’s activities and in the construction industry

We conclude the 2021 blog series with an article on a theme that has been with us and has been relevant throughout this year. And not only this year.

Sustainability. It has always been important to our company. Saving energy resources was one of the criteria for choosing the new office we moved into at the end of 2020. Our current office is located in an A+ energy class building, with energy-saving systems installed. We only print paper documents when we really need to, as most of our documents are digital.  The AGACAD team sorts rubbish not only in the office but outside too. Some of our employees use solar energy at home, electric cars, scooters or bicycles. Still others prefer to walk to the office.  So the AGACAD team is striving to live more sustainably, thinking about the planet’s resources and its future. 

The AGACAD team also thinks about sustainability when developing products. A responsible approach to the environment and the desire to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible has led to the development of the latest products, Panel Packer and Sandwich Panels, for Revit users. The desire to contribute to sustainability has also guided us in the development of our existing BIM solutions for Wood FramingMetal FramingPrecast Concrete and others.

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August 25, 2016

AGACAD is exhibiting at RTC EUR 2016 Conference

AGACAD team is again participating as an exhibitor at Revit Technology Conference (RTC). Last year, we met our friends in RTC North America 2015, and this time we plan to meet our clients and AGACAD application fans at the RTC Europe 2016 at the Alfândega, Porto, Portugal.

The conference that covers everything about Autodesk® Revit® software and BIM will be held on the 20th – 22nd of October 2016. AGACAD will participate as both an exhibitor and a presenter at this RTC.

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July 18, 2016

New Partnership Will Help Increase AGACAD’s Product Expansion in France and Other French-Speaking Countries

This summer brought good news to AGACAD. Our company has started a long-awaited partnership with Eurostudio Infographie, the company that is one of the most important Autodesk software resellers in the AEC Market in France.

From the July, 2016, Eurostudio Infographie represents AGACAD in France and other French-speaking countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Suisse, Guyana, French Polynesia, French speaking African countries, Canada.

Eurostudio Infographie and AGA CAD Started Collaboration in BIM Solution Adoption for the French Market

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June 2, 2016

FREE Revit® App Announcement Webinar: Switch from Manual to Automatic Selection

Webinar record is available!
If you want to watch the recorded version of the webinar please contact us by email and we’ll send you a record link.

Revit® family selection needs automation to make modeling process faster and more effective. No one likes to delay completing manual repetitive tasks. When you switch from manual selection of desired Revit elements to automatic selection, you can save lots of time and prevent errors by not missing any elements.

Join our live webinar on June 9th, 2016, and learn in 15 minutes how to increase your efficiency using our newest and totally FREE Revit extension Smart Select in various modeling tasks.


Switch from Manual to Automatic Selection

Live on Thursday, June 9, 2016

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May 30, 2016

Free Webinar: 10 Times Faster Framing of Multi-Story Houses

Webinar has ended, but its recording is available upon request on

Engineering design professionals are now being challenged to create multi-story buildings that are not only economical and sustainable but design tasks should be accomplished quickly and accurately as well.

AGACAD company has created a new framing technology that allows to frame multi-story houses 10 times faster!
Using brand new Multi-Framing tools Revit® user can easily transfer framing elements between same model groups or identical walls/floors in different levels of buildings. Building designer can predefine what elements he is going to affect: all walls/floors from the same model group, from the instance model group, or selected wall/floor should be unique in the building.

All changes in the selected frame will be automatically transferred and overwritten into identical walls according to filtering rules.

Join our free webinar and see how to easily accomplish structural design for multi-level steel-framed buildings.

10 Times Faster Framing of Multi-Story Houses

Live on Thursday, 2 June 2016

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May 16, 2016

AGACAD Representative Was Awarded for Merit Implementing BIM Methodology

AGACAD team is proud to announce that company’s leader Donatas Aksomitas received an award at the largest international BIM conference in the Baltic countries „Digital Construction 2016. Vilnius“ at the end April this year for contributions implementing BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology in Lithuania. Awards in acknowledgement of great contribution digitalizing Lithuanian construction sector and implement BIM in Lithuania were received by only 4 people that actively contributed to improvement of competitiveness in Lithuanian construction industry.

This imposing award was appointed by conference organizer Public Institution “Digital Construction”, which unites 13 country’s construction sector’s associations*, representing engineering, infrastructure, construction, manufacturing and project expertise companies. This Public Institution seeks to raise awareness about BIM, therefore it is annually organizing BIM conferences. Current BIM development affairs, achievements and potential of construction digitalization in Lithuania were discussed in international annual conference “Digital Construction 2016. Vilnius”.

Visitors of the event could plumb the depths of BIM influence on structure maintenance and life-cycle management, see the best BIM projects and BIM methodology application examples in Lithuania and abroad. Furthermore, as mentioned previously, during the conference people that contributed the most to Lithuanian construction sector’s digitalization were awarded for the first time, among whom the CEO of AGACAD Donatas Aksomitas was mentioned.

AGACAD contribution to development of BIM standards in Lithuania and Europe
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May 3, 2016

All AGACAD TOOLS4BIM Applications Are Ready for Revit® 2017

TOOLS4BIM Dock Gets Revit® 2017 Support and New Free Revit App

AGACAD is pleased to announce that all AGACAD applications for Autodesk® Revit® included in our tool management system TOOLS4BIM Dock* have already been updated for Revit 2017. From now on, AGACAD TOOLS4BIM products are compatible with all versions of Revit 2017 (excluding Revit LT) as well as the previous Revit 2016 & 2015**.

The main novelty of the TOOLS4BIM Dock 2017 version – it contains new Revit add-in named Smart Select that allows Revit users to select desired architectural, structural or MEP elements automatically by user configured parameters in just a few clicks.Read more »

April 30, 2016

BIM Development in Russia. Impressions from BIM Conference “Practice BIM 2016: Effective Collaboration in Construction Projects”

From BIM standard to investitions into construction return

Development of BIM technology and work principle application is not unique to Western Europe, the USA or Australia. There is a growing number of design and construction companies in Russia that choose BIM, which may increase Russian market’s attractiveness to other countries’ design and construction associations.

A conference “Practice BIM 2016: Effective Collaboration in Construction Projects” was held in Sankt Petersburg at the beginning of April 2016. This is the largest BIM event in Russia, where a lot of attention was devoted to assessment of BIM projects implemented in practice and development of Russia’s BIM standards. AGACAD CEO Donatas Aksomitas participated in this conference as a speaker.Read more »

April 14, 2016

Product Versions Compatible with Revit® 2017 Coming Soon

It seems that this year will be the first, when everything is going according to plan. Autodesk company is about to release Autodesk® Revit® 2017 on April 17th 2017, while AGACAD plans to release its newest TOOLS4BIM products’ versions… on April 17th as well!

We are still working on our products’ 2017 versions but they are nearly ready. 2017 version testing is in full swing and is nearly completed. Most of AGACAD TOOLS4BIM products are already tested and work perfectly in Revit 2017 version environment. Our technical team needs to check just a few more BIM solutions, and if bugs don’t rush us over, the newest versions’ preparations will be complete. And voila! – You can use the new Revit version together with productivity-enhancing applications designed for Revit.Read more »

April 14, 2016

AGACAD Expands Scandinavian Reseller Network: Signed distribution agreement with Focus Software from Norway

AGA CAD Ltd. is a developer of professional applications for Autodesk® Revit® software for sectors of architecture, engineering, construction, fabrication and facility management. The company often receives positive feedback from clients, and this confidence in AGACAD software helps consistently expand not only the number of clients, but also a network of TOOLS4BIM product representatives in various countries around the world.

The latest company achievement: AGACAD has expanded its Scandinavian reseller network for its Wood & Metal Framing products’ distribution to clients in Northern Europe. In the beginning of April, a distribution agreement between AGACAD and Norwegian IT Company Focus Software was finally signed. Focus Software AS, a leading design software solution provider, became the distribution partner in Norway for Wood & Metal Framing Solutions.

“We chose the AGACAD framing solutions because they provide great options for working with wood and steel, both very popular materials in Norwegian building projects. In addition, the integration with Revit makes these solutions perfect for a streamlined BIM-workflow. AGACAD is also an experienced provider of these solutions, and we are very confident in their products and the opportunities they provide,” comments Tora Teig, Marketing Coordinator of Focus Software AS.

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