Being environmentally aware: sustainability in Agacad’s activities and in the construction industry

We conclude the 2021 blog series with an article on a theme that has been with us and has been relevant throughout this year. And not only this year.


It has always been important to our company. Saving energy resources was one of the criteria for choosing the new office we moved into at the end of 2020. We now work in an A+ energy class building, with energy-saving systems installed. We only print paper documents when we really need to, as most of our documents are digital.  The Agacad team sorts rubbish not only in the office but outside too. Some of our employees use solar energy at home, electric cars, scooters or bicycles. Still others prefer to walk to the office.  So the Agacad team is striving to live more sustainably, thinking about the planet’s resources and its future. 

The Agacad team also thinks about sustainability when developing products. A responsible approach to the environment and the desire to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible has led to the development of the latest products, Panel Packer and Sandwich Panels, for Revit users. The desire to contribute to sustainability has also guided us in the development of our existing BIM solutions for Wood Framing, Metal Framing, Precast Concrete and others.

Every time a building is precisely designed and constructed with minimal or no waste, it contributes to reducing climate change. A great example of how design software can contribute to the environment and ecology, and how the right tools can help to focus on projects that have a positive impact on the environment, is described in our latest client success story.

We end this year with a declaration to work even more sustainably, because sustainability is a way of life for Agacad’s employees and an integral part of our business. We will strive to improve our products by thinking not only about how to create tools that are easier to use for designers, that give them greater speed of work, but also about how to maximise the contribution of our products to the sustainability of the construction industry.  The ecological impact of BIM products is undeniable. We have produced an AGACAD WHITE PAPER on this subject, “Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC): A Key to More Sustainable Development”, which goes much further on the topic of sustainability. Download and learn more about the impact of digital technologies on sustainability. Have a good read!

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