Ready-to-Build Wood Wall Frame Design from Model to Shop Drawings

Wood Framing Wall+ is built for preparation of wall framing project from conceptual design to workshop drawings.

  • Quick wall framing development. With Wood Framing Wall+ user will be able to quickly prepare a project for framing only by defining the structure of wall framing by Revit® wall types. Wall+ intuitively frames structural part of wall type.

  • Fast documentation. Wood Framing Wall+ quickly and easily makes shop drawings & enables configuration of shop drawing templates. After walls are framed, your shop drawings are almost prepared. After that only one step left to make your documentation.
  • Timber, metal, or composite studs, plates and bracings available. Profiles can be changed all at once or one at a time in designers’ preference.

  • Automatic sorting and dimensioning. Once you frame your wall dimensions and tags are generated automatically, press function to create workshop drawings.
  • Easy update of created framing. Select the part you want to edit and press a corresponding function. User friendly UI will guide you through modification process.

  • Configure to your own standard. Setup and save your own configurations and standards for different wall framing situations.

  • Lots of modification capabilities. User can modify each framing element separately. And there are also lots of different modification capabilities for each element.

  • All main frame types. There are all main framing types available in Wall+ for your comfort. You are free to frame structural framing, nailers, sidings, and even log walls.

  • Definition of configuration is very easy, just by advancing through configuration from top to bottom; configuration of your settings will take a minute.

  • Configure framing to have nogging, bracing, and other structure supports in a frame.

  • Possibility to make single header above different openings.

  • Powerful settings to control Window – Window and Window – Door join framing. Samples from internal wall side:

  • Possibility to create complex join framing.

  • Definition of the frames which are “Build in Place”. It means that these frames will be not included into wall assembly, because it is not prefabricated.

  • Definition of frames which should be linked to connected wall. In this case, the frames will be included into connected wall assembly:

    One wall assembly is displayed in green color:

  • Shortcuts to quick wall framing configuration lets access wall properties very fast or align studs to each other in one or multiple frames and easily selects preferred elements to quickly jump to modifying them, etc.

  • Smart solutions for wall to roof joining. It tracks exterior walls for plug-in to correctly cut framing.

  • Optimized algorithm of program works faster with slower hardware.

What’s New in the Latest Releases:

Wood Framing Wall+ v2017.14, v2016.14: Multi-Story Framing >>

Wood Framing Wall+ v2016.11, v2015.11: V-connection framing engine & new features Split all Top/Bottom Plates, Add Details/Update Details, Frame Additional Layers >>

Wood Framing Wall+ v2016.10, v2015.10: Curved Walls, new header types and enhancements in drawing output >>

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