New Smart Sprinklers release: constant diameter on range pipes

On the beginning of March (March 4, 2016) AGACAD team released new version of application for Autodesk® Revit® MEP users Smart Sprinklers.

Working together with one of our client’s, the company ARUP that is a global engineering and design firm, engineers AGACAD developed new features for sprinkler design. New workflow allows users to use constant pipe diameter for range pipe instead of changing their diameters corresponding to the number of sprinklers fed.

ARUP company’s request was such:

“How to configure Smart Sprinklers to work as shown in a picture:

ND 25 – 1 sprinkler fed
ND 32 – 2…3 sprinklers fed
ND 40 – 4 and more sprinklers fed.”

As our client wishes are very important to us, we have endeavored to comply with this request which lead to the emergence of the new Smart Sprinklers version.

All AGACAD clients, owning Smart Sprinklers license, with the release of its newest version/update will get new Diameter Pre-Calculation tables where they will be able to choose from several different Pre-Calculation methods including NEW – constant range pipe configuration.

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