February 21, 2017

New ‘BIMAXON’ blog launched by AGACAD CEO Donatas Aksomitas

Innovative new approaches to BIM data management and exchange are the focus of “BIMAXON: BIM to the point” – a blog for BIM specialists and AEC industry professionals recently started by Donatas Aksomitas, the CEO of AGACAD, at www.bimaxon.com. We encourage you to visit and subscribe.

“It’s often said the ‘I’ in BIM is ‘big’ since information is the key to everything in this field,” Donatas says. “Fair enough. But in today’s big-data world there’s a risk of overload – too much information, much of it with no use or value, clogging our heads and IT systems and slowing our work,” he adds.

He’s a fan of ‘BIM with a little i’: “ways to eliminate unneeded information and to make data exchange more efficient, more precise and more timely. Reducing information to what we really need. Getting straight to the point in BIM models and processes.”

Drawing on many years of experience working with BIM projects and practitioners worldwide, Donatas plans to address both theoretical and very practical workflow issues in his posts, proposing a revolutionary new approach to BIM data management.

Click these links to read three of his initial blog posts:

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