Agacad launches all-embracing Revit documentation toolset

Agacad – developer of advanced technologies for building information modelling and management – is proud to introduce the first comprehensive BIM software for simplifying and automating the preparation of documents and drawings from Autodesk Revit models.

The new “Smart Documentation” toolset is the latest addition to Agacad’s popular range of Revit productivity plugins and BIM solutions. It is intended for architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, prefabricators and everyone in the building industry with responsibility for documentation.  

“In fabrication and construction, everything hinges on the documentation. Building designers above all need to create drawings, schedules and so on. Most do so inefficiently, adding views and annotations one by one, losing a lot of time and risking errors.
We developed Smart Documentation to fill the project documentation gaps in Revit, generating content quickly and accurately, at times replacing hours of drafting with just a few clicks,” says Donatas Aksomitas, the Managing Director of AGACAD.

While some previous add-ins, including from Agacad, helped with bits of documentation in Revit, the new package is a complete suite covering the entire process. Having all the needed tools in one place, with identical setup and functioning, makes them extremely easy to learn and use.

Autodesk Inc., the maker of Revit, the world’s leading software platform for BIM, named Agacad one of its first Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry Partners in 2018. Industry Partners build on top of Autodesk’s platforms to enable customers to work more efficiently, deliver better designs, and reduce waste.

Whether for precast concrete panels, wood or metal frames, or other elements and assemblies, Agacad’s new toolset lets designers automatically sort, mark, and number Revit elements, create and manage views, assemblies, legends, and sheets, import Excel spreadsheets to Revit and synchronize them to ensure current data, and efficiently create and control a large number of sheets.

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