Panel Packer impact on sustainability

A central part to off-site production is the ability to transport what has been manufactured to the construction site. That means planning all aspects of storage and logistics. At stake is the efficiency of transportation and logistics, which have an important emissions dimension.

Panel Packer is a perfect complement to AGACAD’s Wood and Metal framing packages and its Precast Concrete suite, enabling users of those design solutions to save time and costs on the logistics side of their work as well. Packing calculations are accurate to a precision of 1 mm.

Key sustainability benefits of AGACAD’s Panel Packer solution are reduced use of energy resources and reduced emissions due to better planning of transport and storage of construction materials and prefabricated modules or elements.

Learn more about the impact of AGACAD products on sustainability in this document.

AGACAD White Paper: A Key to More Sustainable AEC Development

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