Impact of Metal Framing solutions on sustainability

Facade engineering is an important area for sustainability advances in construction. Revit add-ons for curtain walls and panels and for ventilated facades facilitate communication and coordination in building projects, as well as integration of a building’s skin with other building systems.

Some key sustainability benefits of AGACAD’s tools for facades:

  • 3D modelling helps to see more design options and achieve better efficiency.
  • Precise geometry ensures accurate bills of materials, so only what is needed is procured, helping save resources and avoid waste.
  • Model accuracy ensures quality documentation and helps identify errors during the design phase, which means fewer mistakes and less rework during construction.
  • Much better management of project information means that for any design changes, take-offs update automatically, avoiding rework and orders of unneeded materials.
  • Models enable a paperless building process and the use of augmented and virtual reality on site, with drawings no longer needed for control or as-built deliverables.

Learn more about the impact of AGACAD products on sustainability in this document.

AGACAD White Paper: A Key to More Sustainable AEC Development

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