Manage & harmonize classifications of building components, actors, spaces, systems and their properties

BIMAXON ICS (Integrated Classification System) is a classification engine that makes it easy to organize data according to international, national and company-level classification standards, with pass-through to Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Civil 3D®, Autodesk® Navisworks®, Tekla® and potentially any other system in the future (like ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, etc).

BIMAXON ICS is cloud-based software for storing global / national / local classifiers, creating new custom classifiers to achieve effective information management, and classifying BIM project content with ease. Buildings, spaces, structural and engineering systems, their components, products or equipment, and construction materials can be classified directly in BIM projects using BIMAXON.

Get direct access to classification standards for effortless building information management

Sets of international or national classification standards (ISO/IEC 81346, ISCED 2011, ISCO-08, OMNICLASS, UNICLASS 2015, etc.) are in the system, and classifiers from your company or project partners can easily be created or uploaded as well.

What’s the logic for CLASSIFYING BIM DATA? 

Classifying data means structuring it in an agreed way so that different actors can easily find what they need and understand it. A classification system is like a common language. In BIM, classification lets people, software and machines share and use building information efficiently and accurately. 

The importance of classification is growing as teams for building projects get more complex and international, and as projects themselves generate more and more data, which is then relied on to automate processes, make better decisions and operate devices.

Different classification systems have been developed for different types of BIM data and actors, and for different geographic areas and situations.  

Ensuring clear communication between all BIM participants

Among the main benefits of BIMAXON ICS is that it is a software-independent solution. The open API makes it easy to integrate with various other software. Extensions for Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Civil 3D®, Autodesk® Navisworks®, and Tekla® are already available, and other BIM-based software (ArchiCAD, Dassault Systèmes, etc.) are planned to be added in the future. Integration with estimating software is also available.

Ideal for:

All BIM project actors – Facility Managers / Estimators / Project Managers / BIM Coordinators / Contractors / Owners / Structural Engineers / Architects / MEP Engineers – who need specific information at a specific time, i.e. all parties of a BIM project who decide or have a need for a classification and need to decide which classifier to use.


  • Classify project data according to the relevant standards for easy retrieval, sorting, and storage for further use.
  • Create completely new (custom) classification systems with unlimited tables.
  • Compare different classifications with each other – or with one you created.
  • Add new tables to existing classifications.
  • Add and edit classes/subclasses in a tree table structure.

  • Import / export tables in Excel format to speed up the creation of classifications.
  • Add and manage system users and their rights (admin, guest, or moderator).

  • Add new segments / environments for other offices / subsidiaries.
  • Create and integrate authorization data for all required environments.

A platform for effective management of construction information

This information structure works like a database and a coding system for classifying products and BIM objects in construction works, which is necessary for BIM actors along the whole building process.

BIMAXON ICS is designed to segment and manage three levels of classification standards:

– At the first level, it stores and enables global systems, such as ISO 12006, ISO/IEC 81346, currency, countries, life cycle construction stages, BIM usage, BIM participants, BIM element properties, COBie properties, etc.

– At the second level – the national, – individual countries can have their own classifications: in the United States these will be OmniClass, UniFormat, and MasterFormat; in Sweden, CoClass and BSAB; in the UK, Uniclass; in Germany, DIN; in Denmark, CCS; etc.

– The third level – the local (company level) – is of great interest to many. A company can create its own custom / internal classifiers for its products, business processes, teams, customers, or production equipment. BIMAXON can create price classifications and integrate them to evaluate other software and their systems.

Benefits of BIMAXON ICS

AGACAD offers an engineering information classification system for BIM data management with a hierarchical structure that can flexibly classify data from facility to resource levels.

  • Efficiently use and maintain BIM object information.
  • BIM actors can quickly compare and retrieve project information thanks to the definition and standardization of homogeneous BIM object categories (construction products, spaces, construction operations, etc.)
  • Easily create an unambiguous name for each BIM object: building, space, product, equipment, etc.
  • Create your own coding system based on a standardized and unique name.
  • Easily generate project cost data and scheduling.
  • Conveniently access BIM project data via a web portal based on the BIMAXON database.
  • Work directly with building project data from different BIM software through specific extensions.


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