June 11, 2015

Straight Talk on Fire Sprinkler Systems for BIM Teams and MEP Engineers

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It’s no secret that much MEP work today misses out on the benefits of BIM. A crucial case in point is the design of sprinklers and fire protection systems. What happens?

Well, BIM teams use Autodesk Revit to build 3D architecture and structural models. Good. But then they get sprinkler projects in 2D or other ill-suited formats from engineers not on the team, or from costly subcontractors. And struggle to use those with their Revit models. Wasting time, money and nerves…

Isn’t there a better way? There is indeed, as we at AGACAD have discovered in our ongoing consulting and software development work with top BIM professionals around the world. It’s now easy to involve sprinkler engineers in BIM projects. For faster better results. Lower costs. And new business opportunities.

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What Every MEP Engineer and BIM Professional Should Know
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During the 45-min. session you’ll learn about BIM design and collaboration best practices for fire protection systems. You’ll get to know Smart Sprinklers the Revit solution that automates the placement of sprinkler heads throughout a model with all appropriate hydraulics and real-time clash detection. That lets you outsource to designers instead of subcontracting to engineers. (Or even design fire systems in-house!) And we’ll also introduce you to the easy insertion of hangers and supports for an entire piping system.

Specific topics that the webinar will address include:

  • How to go from 2D project parts to smart BIM solutions
  • How to distribute sprinkler heads in spaces of diverse geometries
  • How to join sprinklers into a system with suitable routing
  • How to configure Revit for any regional or company standards
  • How to pre-set pipe diameters and balance system pressure
  • How to hang and support the pipes used for sprinklers

In the process, you’ll see what AGACAD TOOLS4BIM solutions are all about. These are easy-to-use, fast, intelligent and reliable productivity boosters. They add value to designers’ daily work and make entire BIM teams more effective. So do join us for this webinar on Thursday, on June 25, 2015, and learn how to ensure smarter engineering of fire protection systems.


Webinar presenter:

Smart Sprinklers:

BIM solution for fire protection system design using pre-set or custom rules that let you easily plan sprinklers location in the BIM model and automatically routes pipes from sprinklers to the distribution pipes.

Smart Hangers:

BIM solution that allows to distribute hangers or supports to ducts, pipes, cable trays, conduits or other line based generic model elements in various ways.

Jokubas Vaisvila
BIM Application Engineer

HVAC Engineer

Certified Autodesk Revit MEP Professional

AU 2014 Speaker

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