Use MEP Hangers with Revit set to other languages

MEp Hangers product logoWe’ve made some changes to MEP Hangers so that it can now be used in Revit® even when Revit is set to languages other than English.

Thus, starting today, you can choose to run Revit in any of its available languages (listed below) AND still use MEP Hangers.

To be clear, MEP Hangers itself isn’t translated into all these languages, but it does mean that you can run Revit in, say, Russian or German (or any of the other above languages) — and all the features of MEP Hangers will still work properly. Now that’s some great news!

Need to know how to change your Revit language? Head over to Autodesk’s Knowledge Network page!

So, if you have been hesitant to use MEP Hangers because you couldn’t run it on Revit set to Korean or Czech, well, now you CAN. 🙂 Go ahead and take a trial below! And if you’re already a user of MEP Hangers and you’d like to run it in another Revit language, well, go for it.

Take a free trial by downloading TOOLS4BIM Dock

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