June 19, 2017

Q&A: How do you keep hangers attached to a structure that has been updated?

When it comes to laying out hangers in a Revit project, it’s important to make sure they attach to the structure you want and that the hangers can extend or contract as needed if you need to adjust, for example, the ceiling or floor height.

QUESTION: We want pipe supports to attach to the floor. But when we change the pipe level offset, the rod length remains the same. How do we keep the supports connected to the structure?

ANSWER: First of all, you have to define which Revit category your hanger should connect to. If you select Floors – hangers will connect to the floor. If you select roof – they will connect to the roof. If you select everything – hangers will connect to any structural category found in their way.

If you choose any of these categories, your hanger will remember it.

After you modify your MEP – piping, ductwork, cable trays, etc. – you can update hangers. You can either update them one by one…

…or you can use this function to update batches of families:

  1. Click modify Hangers/Supports
  2. Select all hangers in the project
  3. Update Hangers/Supports

Using this method you will update all your project’s hangers. You can split the update by floors, systems, etc.

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