October 27, 2015

Smart Hangers – brilliant tool for collaboration in a BIM team. Part 2 – IFC Files

In the first part of this article I wrote that all our extensions for Revit® work with linked files and provided some examples how you can use Smart Hangers working with linked projects. Smart Hangers is a really “Smart” BIM solution that works with linked Revit® models as well as the models that come from other software products, like the IFC file format.

To place hangers on Ducts or Pipes that come from IFC file you should use Replace IFC functionality:

This feature will replace IFC Ducts and IFC Pipes (that are generic model) into regular Revit families.

After all, your MEP line based elements will be replaced to the regular Revit families – using Smart Hangers, you will get the possibility to place hangers and supports on them automatically.

How this BIM solution really works, you can see if you join our live web session on 29th of October, 2015 > How to Distribute Hundreds of Hangers & Supports in Revit® Model.

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