Simple but Powerful Revit® Add-Ons Relevant to Structural Engineers

Everybody says BIM is something what we should strive for and 3D modeling is the next level etc. That’s cool, I like it – I agree with this opinion.

But what about reality – do you really think that you have reached the efficiency peak from the moment you started using Autodesk® Revit® Structure? Does Revit have everything you need? I say – no way!

Fighting with beam and wall joints, cut openings in every element manually, forget about excel sheets you used in your work and how about marking hundreds of your elements? There are a lot of small tasks which we have to do every day and they are pretty annoying. That’s why we develop additional tools to make your Revit experience less frustrating and more efficient.

If you have ever tried to work with hollow core slabs and model them as beams, I am sure you had issues with beam joints, start/end offsets etc. You will learn to avoid this and make it easier with our Revit extension Smart Floors.

You definitely have to work with walls and make modifications to them that’s why we have Smart Walls – to solve issues concerned with joints, composition and split among other.

If you are structural engineer, then you definitely have to model beams, trusses and columns, and of course their intersections. You need to cope them to each other a lot. Do it with the help of our Sort&Cope tool to increase your productivity.

As you work on the project together with MEP engineers, you have to follow updates and mark openings in your elements. With free of cost Revit plugin Cut Opening Free, you can quickly insert openings at every intersection of pipes and other building elements.

Then you have your elements modeled, you will spend quite a lot of time marking your elements in the right way. Sort, mark, renumber, update and change your building grid numbering, structural element marks in a few seconds according to defined rules by using Sort Mark tool.

After you finish your model you have to place some dimensions to define place of your structural elements and we have Revit app for that too – Quick Dimensions. Just do it faster and easier.

Save your time, and place your views to the sheets automatically according to defined rules by using Smart Sheets tool.

Quickly insert, link and update any excel file information into your model using Revit add-on Excel2R, for example schedule tables, text notes etc.

If you would like to see how all these Revit plugins work in reality, please join the webinar for structural engineers where I will make a live demo of our simple but efficient tools that can increase your productivity in building modeling and preparation of documentation.

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