April 14, 2016

Product Versions Compatible with Revit® 2017 Coming Soon

It seems that this year will be the first, when everything is going according to plan. Autodesk company is about to release Autodesk® Revit® 2017 on April 17th 2017, while AGACAD plans to release its newest TOOLS4BIM products’ versions… on April 17th as well!

We are still working on our products’ 2017 versions but they are nearly ready. 2017 version testing is in full swing and is nearly completed. Most of AGACAD TOOLS4BIM products are already tested and work perfectly in Revit 2017 version environment. Our technical team needs to check just a few more BIM solutions, and if bugs don’t rush us over, the newest versions’ preparations will be complete. And voila! – You can use the new Revit version together with productivity-enhancing applications designed for Revit.

So, we keep our finger on pulse, what about you? Are you ready for 2017 versions? Let’s meet them together with the whole Revit community. Stick around for a few days until we announce that TOOLS4BIM 2017 versions are released.

We try to respond quickly to any development in the market, therefore we strive to keep clients’ high momentum. That is why TOOLS4BIM 2017 productivity tools are going to be released along with new Revit version.