October 15, 2018

NEW FEATURES: MEP Hangers – new configurations, families & features

A new version of MEP Hangers has been released. Besides enhancing existing features, here are the main updates that have been made to this product.

  1. New sample families and configurations for multi-level hangers are available in the sample projects.

2. New rules let you create a more flexible layout under one configuration.

3. New categories are supported for element placement.

4. Now, when you need to look for other elements to connect to, you can control which project(s) to search in.

5. There is a new feature for placing multiple details! Use the Multi-Detail Manager for details that are placed by more than one configuration acting on a single element.

So, those are the updates that have been made to MEP Hangers this time around. Current users: if you haven’t already done so, click the little red bubbles in the TOOLS4BIM Dock to download the latest version and put these updates to good use.

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