​New Excel2R Version Has Been Released

Yesterday our company released a new build of our most popular Revit® plugin Excel2R that significantly speeds up project documentation process. This tool quickly imports MS Excel spreadsheets into Revit® projects, including style settings.

Excel2R is a great helper for Revit users, because data between Excel and Revit documents are linked, therefore tables constantly keep current information. But even a superior product can be improved. Over the past few months, we received several clients’ requests to add some functionality such as:

“We create Excel files that need to be on multiple sheets, bringing them into a Legend will contribute to that, but even better, would be to bring it into a schedule, so that formatting can be controlled within Revit.”


“Is it possible to have the excel file created in a Legend rather than a Drafting View? I have a need to place the excel file on multiple sheets, which I can do with a Legend.”

As you know, AGACAD team always seeks to react to our client’s wishes so Excel2R was upgraded including some new functionality and fixes for the text alignment.

Excel2R v2015.3 and v2014.4 – what’s new:

1. In the newest
Excel2R version we added a possibility to import MS Excel data to the existing Revit legend view:


2. Possibility to filter legend and drafting views in Manage Tables dialog:

3. Many improvements with text alignment. Now Excel2R makes imports from MS Excel more precisely.

You are welcome to download and try the new Excel2R version:

Excel2R download page

NOTE: if you use network Excel2R licenses please contact us by e-mail

P.S. Let us know your opinion about improvements of Excel2R: are they useful for you? Maybe you are still missing some functionality? All your thoughts are welcome. By working together we can make the tools that solve all Revit users’ headaches.

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