New BIM Classification System of cuneco Matches International IFC Format

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December 17, 2013
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buildingSMART has provided input to property database of cuneco’s BIM classification system CCS.


cuneco is a centre for productivity in construction, working on development of new BIM classification standards in Denmark. This new BIM classification system is very important for the European Union, and there has been general interest worldwide as well. cuneco team develops, tests and implements common BIM standards for enhanced exchange of data throughout all construction processes from initial concept and design over construction to operation and maintenance.

Being as a cuneco initiative partner, AGA CAD Company has joined the development efforts for the cuneco classification system (CCS) that offers a common ground to communicate clearly throughout the building process. AGA CAD contributes to the new BIM classification system development and testing by programming CCS App tools for the Autodesk Revit software.

We are pleased to announce that cuneco products fully match international IFC format, which among other things provides input to cuneco’s property database.

New BIM classification system consists of the common basis for digitalized cooperation in construction, operation and maintenance to increase efficiency through enhanced exchange of information. The standards must be user-friendly and suitable for IT-integration. cuneco endeavors to ensure new BIM standards compatibility with national as well as international standards.

Therefore cuneco is working a lot on all the properties which are already used in the CCS App tools. Many of these properties are represented in the international IFC format, developed by buildingSMART. So, cuneco has already made a list of properties in the IFC format so they can be brought into the CCS property database, which is emerging as a part of cuneco project.

Here you will see the tables of properties in the IFC (Danish) >>>

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