New BIM Classification System on the Way: AGACAD’s Contribution to the New BIM Standard Development

In Europe, the testing of a new construction classification standard is on its way. The new BIM classification standard is being developed in Denmark by cuneco, a centre for productivity in construction. The new BIM classification standard is very important for the European Union, and there has been general interest worldwide as well.


The new BIM classification standard can easily be adapted by any country. By May 2014, cuneco aims to develop and implement the most advanced construction classification system CCS (cuneco classification system) which will replace the current Danish construction classification (Dansk Bygge Klassifikation, DBK).

The cuneco team is developing a common basis for digitized cooperation in construction. Its main goal is to increase efficiency and productivity through better exchange of BIM project information. Moreover, cuneco is working on the international perspective through its work on ISO-revision and cooperation with buildingSMART. The cuneco project is internationally significant, as it will contribute to the development of international building standards. The information of the standard ISO 12006 will be adjusted after the new BIM classification system is implemented, the development of which is financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the Danish Government, and the construction industry.

The development of the system has involved many innovative design companies, educational institutions, IT enterprises, distributors of design software and other qualified project participants. All of them have a common goal – to create a united construction classification standard that will allow smooth cooperation between all project parties.

“It is generally recognized that BIM technology and working methods allow designers to increase project quality and work performance. However, the construction industry works on very different levels depending on company size, project types and mixed digital praxis. The digitalization is important because all parts of building industry need to use a common language which will make it easier for the parties to understand each other. A lack of standards, unified language and conventional characters among all the project parts have led us to create uniform construction classification standards”, says Torben Klitgaard, Managing Director of cuneco.

Currently, cuneco is conducting a series of field tests on how CCS standards work with a variety of BIM applications, including Autodesk Revit software. The tests will enable the team to gain practical experience with the cuneco classification standards (CCS), property data, information levels and surveying rules.

“The primary aim of the work of cuneco is to create value in response to the demands of the construction industry. The new BIM classification system must add value both for the individual user, for enterprises and for the industry as a whole. The digital standards, tools, tables and formats developed by cuneco will be available to members of the construction industry via digital master data. Members of the construction industry can access the cuneco server via the internet using design software extensions, CCS App tools, or online at”, Torben Klitggard explains.

The CCS standards are tested on actual construction projects with the purpose of ensuring that they are applicable and suitable for IT integration. CCS tools allow designers to organize, manage end exchange the BIM model information generated by the classification structure.
A wide range of software vendors are currently implementing the standard into their BIM technologies and are actively completing field tests in real-life pilot projects.

The collaboration between ICT suppliers, IT vendors, industry specialists and cuneco is to ensure correct implementation in the software tools used by the industry.
Among qualified cuneco project participants is the Betech Data A/S Company, which is one of the largest Autodesk distributors and has over 25 year experience working with design technologies.

Michael Schwartz, Managing Director of Betech Data A/S, has high goals for IT vendors’ cooperation: “We may, as an IT supplier, see that designers can’t exploit resources well enough to build projects because of a lack of common standards for building data. The structure of the new system makes it easier to navigate and share information that can be used in various computer programs between project members in a construction project from conceptual design to operation.”
Betech Data A/S invited the Lithuanian company AGA CAD Ltd. to join the cuneco project some time ago to cooperate in the development of CCS tools tailored to Autodesk Revit programs. Hereby, the AGACAD company, a developer of the tools4revit Autodesk Revit add-ons, has become a cuneco initiative partner and joined the development efforts for the new Danish construction classification system.

“The agreement between our companies, Betech Data and AGACAD, is a continuation of Betech Data’s focus on providing the best software solutions to AEC users. We are aware of AGACAD capabilities and the fact that this company has extensive experience in the development of BIM tools. We see it as an added strength that an experienced and proficient developer of Autodesk Revit apps has joined to the cuneco team as a developer of the CCS App,” says Michael Schwartz, Managing Director of Betech Data A/S. “We are satisfied with the results of AGACAD activities at the cuneco project. The good quality of AGACAD’s programming practices and the great value of CCS tools allows us to extend the value of BIM and 3D modeling with Autodesk Revit using CCS classifiers,” continues Michael Schwartz.

The company AGACAD contributes to the new BIM classification system development and testing by programming CCS App tools for the Autodesk Revit software. Donatas Aksomitas, Director of AGACAD, is pragmatic – “Developing and selling Autodesk Revit add-ons all over the world, as we do, means that we really have high-level experience with programming services. Partnering with an established, successful and well-respected company such as Betech Data is perfect for us and we are happy about this partnership. The fact that the leading Danish IT-company has invited us to join the cuneco project team is a big appreciation of AGACAD’s professionalism in the development of BIM software. We are pleased to join the development of new construction classification standards that are so important for the entire building industry”.

This partnership is beneficial to all sides. Experience from participating in this project can be adapted in various European building markets. “We very much appreciate working with the cuneco team. We hope that we will be able to apply the experience we gain this cooperation in our own country. Lithuania doesn’t have a common digital classification system, so there is a great need for tools those can make the construction industry more efficient,” says Donatas Aksomitas, CEO of AGACAD. Therefore, the new BIM classification system is going to assure the construction industry more efficient.

cuneco is a centre for productivity in construction. It develops CCS, the common basis for digitalised cooperation in construction, operation and maintenance, which increases efficiency and productivity throughout all construction processes through the enhanced exchange of information. The standards must be user-friendly and suitable for IT-integration, and steps are taken to ensure their compatibility with national and international standards.
The name ‘cuneco’ is inspired by the word ’kuneco’ which means ‘community’ in the Esperanto international language. The project is to be implemented from 2010 to 2014 under the leadership of the BIPS association in partnership with Danish Standard, DTU / Aarhus University, and other organizations from the building industry. For more information please visit

About Betech Data A/S
Betech Data has been an Autodesk Authorized Distributor for more than 25 years. Today the company is widely recognized for its high-value-added capabilities as a specialist distributor of technical software solutions. The majority of the company’s business is concentrated on Autodesk distribution with a proximity suite of products, solutions and consulting services. For more information on Betech Data please visit

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