Improved workflow for framing CLT in Revit: Tutorial video #1

As we recently announced, our Wood Framing CLT add-in for Revit is available for the first time ever as a free trial.

To make using the software as smooth as possible, we developed an improved workflow for designing CLT walls, roofs, and floors. And we’ll be releasing a series of tutorials to make it even easier to follow along.

Without further ado, here’s the first tutorial. Stay tuned for subsequent CLT videos!

CLT Panels in Revit: Tutorial #1

Here’s an overview of the workflow.

Step 1









Load Families

Transfer Standards

Creating basic Revit walls, floors and roofs

Link Type

Create Frame

Insert connections common for CLT structures

Number Elements

Insert Tags

Create Shop Drawings

When you take a free trial, don’t forget to download the sample project that matches your Revit version from our CLT e-help page. And then, just follow the workflow.

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