Important Changes of Excel2Revit: New Name, New Version, New Features!

Hi all Excel2Revit lovers! We know that there are a lot of Excel2Revit users all over the world who like this easy-to-use tool. Today we have big news for all of you.

Inasmuch as Autodesk is the registered owner of the Revit® trademark in the United States and more than a dozen international jurisdictions, including the European Community, we must rename our products missing Revit® trademarks on our product names. So we have released new version of Excel2Revit that was renamed to Excel2R. Like previously, this Autodesk Revit add-on enables to quickly insert MS Excel data into your Revit projects. Herewith, we have decided to improve work with Excel data and now Excel2R became more effective.

So what’s new in Excel2R v2014.3 and v2013.3:

  • Improved Size Converter:

Excel2Revit v2014.3-1

Size Converter will let you know if the value can’t be converted directly to other units. It will give you approximately values.

Excel2Revit v2014.3-2

  • The tool will skip spreadsheets those begin with “@” symbol in MS Excel:

Excel2Revit v2014.3-3


Excel2Revit v2014.3-4

  • “All Excel files” is the default file extension during selection process:

Excel2Revit v2014.3-5

Still if you change it to other extension, the tool will remember it.

  • Improvements with text alignment.
  • Excel2R works faster during updating process.
  • Improved graphical design:

Excel2Revit v2014.3-6

  • Added possibility to see Tooltip that shows Excel file name and Spreadsheet name when the cursor is over the active drafting view.

Excel2Revit v2014.3-7

Tooltip switches on automatically when the user creates a table for the first time:

Excel2Revit v2014.3-8

Download the latest Excel2R version here >>> Excel2R download page

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