Exclusive free upgrade to Smart Documentation for select Agacad clients

As of October 1, 2023, several of our Revit add-ins have been discontinued. These include Dynamic Legend, Quick Dimensions, Smart Assemblies, Smart Views, Smart Sheets, Sort Mark and the T4R Suite.

Affected clients may, of course, continue using those products until the original expiration of the software license. We encourage you, however, to take advantage of this one-time opportunity to upgrade for free to Smart Documentation, which includes the capabilities of all those Revit plug-ins and more.

This is a win-win for affected clients because you’ll still have the functionality of the add-on that you’re familiar with, and you’ll also have access to a more powerful Revit toolset with wider functionality covering all your 2D drafting and project documentation needs so that you can work more effectively going forward.

Benefits of Agacad Smart Documentation

  • Saves time by automating repetitive drafting tasks
  • Ensures project accuracy by eliminating human error 
  • All-around versatility for faster construction drawing creation in various disciplines 

As compared with a user of pure Revit, users of Smart Documentation can generate project drawings and schedules at least twice as fast.

This is made possible by a high-level of automation across many common 2D tasks, such as placing dimensions and tags, creating views and sheets, creating assemblies and assembly views, numbering and marking elements, creating legends, representing Excel data in Revit drawings, and more besides.

Instructions to upgrade

In the License manager in the Agacad Dock, enter the activation key of the discontinued product

Your activation key can be found in the Agacad Dock. Click the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner, click the discontinued product, copy the activation key, go back to the License manager, click Add licenses, and enter the activation key. Smart Documentation will then appear in the Dock instead of the old product. 

How long will this upgraded license last? 

Your upgraded license will expire on the same date as the discontinued product license that you originally purchased.  

How will license renewal work? 

Same as always. Plus, we’ll give you a 30% discount when the time comes to renew your license of Smart Documentation.

All Agacad clients who are affected by these changes will be informed by email in early October. If you do not receive the email or have questions regarding this change, please contact us.

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