Documentation Tasks for MEP Engineers Are Not So Boring Using AGACAD’s Tools 4 Revit®

Projects can usually last for a long time and in the end of the projects you can feel your productivity decline. Even MEP engineers get the project when the deadline is NOW. It is normal and usual problem for big projects. The projects become boring and it seems that everything is done but still you have to do documentation things. We have solutions to increase productivity in this case. We automated some documentation tasks that can increase your work productivity. So these tools can make you happy.

AGACAD has different productivity-boosting products but the most memorable and easy to use is little documentation tools. I will shortly introduce them from MEP Engineer’s perspective:

Excel2R – This tool can import excel spread sheets into Revit. If you have calculations or some information about elements from manufacturers – you can transfer that information into Revit. It will always be better to have all needed information straight in Revit.

Sort Mark – This tool can sort elements in various ways. All the information could be written into mark or any newly created parameter. Imagine that you are trying to numerate all ducts or pipes from left to right. That can take a huge amount of time. Using Sort Mark you can do that just by one click. You can configure any sorting logarithm that can fit your needs.

Dynamic Legend – creates intelligent legends in Revit that you can be updated with a click. Usually this tool is used by architects – but you can find your workflows with MEP elements. I used this tool for creation of legends of radiators, diffusers, pipe and duct fittings, etc. Legends could be more informative then schedules because if the graphical representation of elements.

Smart Sheets – the fastest way to manage sheets. This solution can be brilliant helper while generating printing sheets. This tool creates thousands of sheets according template sheet. You just need to generate one sheet and all the rest sheets of different levels will be automatically created. Smart Sheets can work with all views: floor plans, ceiling plans, 3D views, legends, schedules, sections. This can be the best helper for all team – MEP engineers, structural engineers and architects. I want to mention that all of these solutions could be used as a network licenses!

Quick Dimensions – This solution could do auto dimensioning. For MEP engineers this could be useful because of the functionality to add dimensions in between MEP line based objects and walls. By picking two points (start and end points) you can auto dimension all elements in a row – dimensions will be added from the faces of walls and center or faces of ducts, pipes or other MEP line based elements. This can increase your speed while dimensioning elements.

RAS Manager – a tool to connect MEP engineers and architects. This tool can automatically distribute spaces in places where rooms were inserted. What about parameters? Room name and number will be transferred automatically as well. This feature works with linked files as well. Imagine if architects will distribute rooms using RAS Manager – all spaces will come with predefined information as temperature, supply and exhaust air flows for area, number of people, air change, etc.

U-Value – this tool can provide wider possibilities of Revit. U-Value calculates precise overall heat transfer coefficient (U-Value) for walls, floors, roofs, ceilings and foundation slabs. It can also be used for calculating U-Values of framed constructions.

AGACAD is providing free tools as well. I want to introduce you two of them – Cut Opening Free and Smart Browser Free.

Cut Opening Free – this solution creates openings around MEP line based elements where they meet walls, floors ceiling and roofs. Cut Opening Free is limited version of Cut Opening but still very powerful. I suggest this tool for those who do not work with linked files and structural elements. Using this solution you will be able to add additional offsets around MEP elements as well as change their geometry. All openings will be shown in the plan views.

Smart Browser Free – tool for big companies that have a huge element library. Using regular Revit you will always waste your time for searching elements in your libraries. This is solved using Smart Browser Free. As well you can find the functionality for element transfer from one project to another. You will be able to “steal” (transfer) Revit families from one project to another. This is so nice then you have done few projects and you want some of the families to be transferred to the new one.

This was only skin-deep introduction to our documentation tools. I suggest you to join our webinar on productivity tools overview for MEP engineers on 11th of June. Will meet you there!

Jokubas Vaisvila
MEP Engineer

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