Crafting the future: Agacad integrates into the ARKANCE ecosystem

For over three decades, Agacad has been relentlessly improving processes in the construction and engineering industries. Since 2021, Agacad has operated as a fully-owned subsidiary of ARKANCE, a global leader in digital transformation and technology solutions for construction and manufacturing. ARKANCE expanded significantly in the first half of 2023 with its acquisition of a number of companies, marking the beginning of a new chapter in ARKANCE’s business journey.

An era of unified vision

The acquisition doubled ARKANCE’s size and multiplied its capabilities, prompting a comprehensive review and enhancement of all company processes, including the optimization of ARKANCE’s product portfolio to maximize the value of Autodesk and other partner software.

ARKANCE aims to deliver the transformative solutions and data insights required to optimize resources, increase efficiency, and improve project outcomes. Drawing on decades of experience and collaboration with partners and customers globally, ARKANCE has developed a unique product portfolio under its Be.Smart brand. Within this technology portfolio, Agacad’s software serves as a cornerstone that aims to empower AEC professionals by streamlining design processes and elevating outcomes.

Agacad products were showcased for the first time under the Be.Smart portfolio at Autodesk University 2023.

Innovating with the ARKANCE Dock

Under the Be.Smart brand, Agacad’s software takes center stage within the ARKANCE Be.Smart technology portfolio. The Agacad Dock – an interactive Autodesk® Revit® window – has been renamed to the ARKANCE Dock, providing users with a unified interface to easily access and manage all ARKANCE in-house-developed add-on software for Revit users.

New ARKANCE Docks tailored for the UK, US, and AU/NZ markets ensure a consistent user experience, allowing professionals to effortlessly explore Agacad and other Be.Smart portfolio product trials.

Learn more about benefits of the ARKANCE Dock here >>

Embracing change: a glimpse into tomorrow

As part of the ongoing transition to the Be.Smart product portfolio, Agacad product names will evolve, shedding the Agacad branding. For example, Agacad Metal Framing will transform into Metal Framing, as a product of the Be.Smart Building portfolio, reflecting the integration into the broader ARKANCE ecosystem.

The website will expand its product menu, including offerings from other ARKANCE developers. The product menu will give a comprehensive selection of tools not only for the Building industry but also for Manufacturing and Infrastructure. This expansion aims to cater to professionals across diverse disciplines, providing a unified environment for efficient collaboration.

Unlocking the potential of a unified portfolio

The integration of Agacad and other developers’ products into a single Be.Smart portfolio brings numerous advantages:

  • The broader product spectrum provides greater opportunity for professionals to discover tools that match their specific needs.
  • The unified environment simplifies the learning curve and enhances teamwork, as professionals from different disciplines can seamlessly find the tools they require within a consistent environment.
  • The consolidation of ARKANCE’s IP portfolio offers a simpler, more efficient way of license management.

Learn more about the ARKANCE Be.Smart portfolio in this dedicated brochure >>

ARKANCE’s ‘Partner to Build Smarter‘ strategy is in line with our commitment to increase efficiency, quality, and profitability of project outcomes through cutting-edge technologies we have been developing for decades. As Agacad seamlessly integrates into the ARKANCE Be.Smart ecosystem, rest assured that more news is on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates on this transformative journey.

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