February 1, 2021

AGACAD’s BIM tools are now in Japanese, too, with strong support by partner M&F

A year has passed since Tokyo-based M&F tecnica became AGACAD’s exclusive partner for sale and support of our solutions for BIM in Japan, and good things are happening in the country. Strong interest there in our Revit add-ons to automate 3D design and documentation is set to grow even more now that, with M&F’s help, they’ve been translated into Japanese!

“This partnership is yielding excellent results, strengthening AGACAD’s ability to ensure excellent service for clients in Asia and thus share BIM advances there as well,” AGACAD Managing Director Mr Donatas Aksomitas says. “M&F, who have been pioneers of BIM in Japan and Revit experts, are now experts also in AGACAD’s solutions based on the insights of top BIM professionals. Thus they are helping clients unlock even more of the immense value of modern building information modelling and management.”

Mr Masanori Moriya, the COO of M&F tecnica, cites especially strong interest on the Japanese market for AGACAD’s precast concrete solutions, including reinforcement, and for its wood and metal framing tools. He attributes those trends to growing use of precast in the country and a lack of any comparable framing software on the market.

“These tools are very valuable,” he says. “Thanks to the partnership with AGACAD, our clients are finding ways to effectively and efficiently model even in high detail, like LOD400, and M&F itself is becoming more widely known. In collaboration with AGACAD, and in keeping with their motto of ‘building BIM together’, we also develop and propose specific workflows for BIM professionals in our market.”

M&F tecnica has offices in Tokyo, Saitama and Miyazaki. It provides state-of-the-art ITC solutions for the building industry as well as trainings and a range of BIM and design services. It is one of AGACAD’s ever-growing list of local partners around the world

Japanese is the sixth language so far for AGACAD software, which is also already available not only in English but also in French, German, Russian and Czech.

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