Agacad’s rebrand: More than just a new look

Today Agacad made its updated brand public with a new logo and visual identity, a new website, and the new slogan ‘Enabling Innovations Together’. Our rebrand gives us the ability to expand the scope of the products, services and solutions we offer, enabling our clients to meet the challenges of today’s fast-changing world.

Why did we complete a rebrand?

As construction converges with manufacturing and other industries, and as AI, virtual reality, smart contracts and data validation on blockchain, and other new technologies come into play, we aim to provide our clients with not just the technology but also the vision needed for relentless process improvement to deliver responsible value.

By extending our boundaries, Agacad is opening opportunities to design and deliver valuable new products, services and solutions for our clients.

What are our brand values now?

Working with our team and examining our story, which goes back many decades and led to Agacad’s creation at the start of the digitalization of construction and industry, we have refined how we express our values to better reflect who we are and what we aspire to.

We are:

  • Empathetic. We care about people
  • Visionary. We work today to deliver tomorrow’s innovations
  • Determined. We never give up
  • Inquisitive. We push the boundaries of knowledge and ourselves
  • Insightful. We deliver responsible value

Empathy is a foundation for client relationships. Our visionary mindset helps us lead our clients into the future. We are determined to solve the challenges our clients face. Our inquisitive minds inspire us to continuously learn, grow and improve. We strive to be insightful, so we can deliver responsible value to people and the planet.

What does our new slogan convey?

The slogan “Enabling innovations together” conveys how Agacad enables our clients to deliver value through relentless process improvement.

The word ENABLING shows that we deliver full solutions with all the services, advice and vision needed to get maximum value from the technology. That contrasts with those who focus on selling products. Our way of working, “the Agacad Way”, makes us trusted partners and long-term collaborators.

The INNOVATIONS we enable are improvements in clients’ processes.

The word TOGETHER accents our holistic and collaborative way of working.

What is Agacad’s value proposition?

Our rebrand helped reframe our thinking so we focus more on value. This resulted in the following value proposition:

Agacad delivers process improvement solutions that enable thoughtful, growth-driven organizations to create more value for all those they serve and affect. We distinguish ourselves by embracing a holistic, relational approach to innovation for relentless process improvement.

How will the rebrand affect the products, services and solutions we offer?

Our rebrand will help us provide an expanded portfolio of process improvement products, services and solutions. We will bring you increased automation, enhanced data management capabilities, and streamlined workflows. The goal is to enable you to achieve relentless process improvement through our unique holistic, end-to-end services and solutions. Our team and network of local partners now give us the ability to do that.

Where can you ask more questions?

If you have any questions about our brand, please email

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