January 31, 2022

AGACAD launches sandwich panel design automation for Revit

PRESS RELEASE – Vilnius, 31 January 2022 

AGACAD, the developer of advanced technologies for building information modelling and management, is proud to introduce the first BIM software for automating the design and documentation of full building envelopes with insulated sandwich panels in Autodesk Revit.  

The package is the latest addition to AGACAD’s popular range of specialized framing add-ons for work with heavy timber, CLT, SIPS, ventilated facades and curtain walls and panels.  

“This new technology fills an important gap in the market for BIM tools. Until now there was no way to rapidly create highly detailed insulated panels together with any kind of support framework and easily transform a Revit architectural model into an accurate structural model made of sandwich panels. Our Sandwich Panels suite enables new speed, efficiency and accuracy of design in a unified BIM project environment,” says Donatas Aksomitas, the Managing Director of AGACAD.

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