Global Training HUB

Welcome to the global training division of AGACAD – developer of the world’s widest range of BIM software for Revit® professionals and other innovative digital construction solutions. We’re also home to one of the oldest Autodesk Authorized Training Centers in Europe.

  • CAD, BIM and digital construction consultants since 1991
  • Thousands of AEC professionals trained and projects advised
  • Supporting users of AGACAD tools and solutions in 130 countries


Standard or tailored sessions; on-site or online anywhere in the world; for company groups or individual AEC professionals.


A broad network of expert AEC practitioners and trainer-consultants with diverse BIM specializations and industry experience.

Training & Consulting Fields

  • BIM basics and international best practices
  • Advanced Framing / Precast / MEP work in Revit
  • Effective management of building information
  • Project-specific consulting and recommendations
  • User training for AGACAD / Autodesk products

Expert Advisor Network

AGACAD both employs and constantly works with top digital construction professionals around the world. Those advanced practitioners’ insights help drive the development of our BIM solutions. The same employees and associates also provide our clients with outstanding training and advice.

These are some of AGACAD’s current best trainer-consultants, including internal talent as well as recognized outside experts with whom we work in many countries.

Donatas Aksomitas
Managing Director, AGACAD

As the head of AGACAD since 2007, Donatas has led its growth from a local computer-aided design reseller and consultancy into a driver of innovation on a global scale in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) through advances in building information modelling and management (BIM) technologies.

His own areas of special expertise include optimising BIM processes and using classification systems to ensure smooth information flows over a building’s entire life. He has spoken at international conferences on BIM implementation methods, BIM project coordination and BIM project data classification. He has also shared his innovative approaches to BIM information management and exchange on his blog at

Donatas has helped draft and test national BIM standards in Denmark (at Cuneco) and in his home country of Lithuania (at the Digital Construction Institute, where he heads a working group to develop the national building classification structure and coding systems ensuring harmonization with the European Union).

In his continuing push to maximizing the benefits of BIM for the AEC industry, Donatas draws on a degree in civil engineering and more than 25 years of experience with related IT solutions. He has been with AGACAD since 1997. His work there to develop new CAD and later BIM technologies has always relied on close collaboration with clients in the field – analyzing their real-life processes and practices, their needs, opportunities and expectations, and how the data in their models affects decision-making, costs and quality.

That approach of “building BIM together” with practitioners worldwide and “sharing BIM advances” by turning the insights of top professionals into tools that all clients can acquire is what has enabled AGACAD to develop industry-focused solutions that create real value and make it easier to bring BIM to life. Which perfectly fits Donatas’s ambition of encouraging BIM adoption and creating tomorrow’s AEC.

Gintaris Aksomitas
Senior Software Architect, AGACAD

Gintaris is the founder of AGACAD and a visionary in the field of IT solutions for AEC. He holds a doctorate in civil engineering and now has more than three decades of experience in the software industry with a focus on state-of-the-art solutions for architecture and manufacturing. His passion is design process efficiency. For a quarter of a century, he also taught at Vilnius Technical University.

Inspired by his father’s work to industrialize Baltic construction, Gintaras brought the first AutoCAD license to the Baltic region in 1988 and soon set up one of Autodesk’s earliest Authorized Training Centers in Europe. Even since then, he has been training and advising users of Autodesk software. He advises clients in the architecture, metal and wood framing, and precast concrete industries, helping them improve workflows and unlock Revit’s potential. He has taken part in the implementation of many CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM systems.

Meanwhile, he has also led the development of industry-focused add-ons, personally creating the first AutoCAD add-on for architectural design way back in 1990, and since 2007 overseeing the creation of AGACAD’s innovative BIM solutions and tools for Revit – currently the largest such portfolio in the world. Gintaris leads AGACAD’s team of software developers, ensuring continuous product improvement in line with clients’ real-life needs. He is the industry and management brains behind AGACAD’s continuous R&D efforts.

Renata Jočienė
Technical Director, AGACAD

For the last 15 years, Renata’s focus and passion has been developing custom tools and BIM solutions for Autodesk Revit, automating tedious work and adding new features in order to significantly boost productivity.

She is also an experienced trainer and consultant for Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, AGACAD tools and more. Years of work with BIM companies large and small has given her a deep understanding of AEC industry needs. She works with clients to find the right solution for each project to speed up design, fabrication and construction processes while maintaining top quality.

Renata has master’s degree in information technologies with specializations in engineering and computer graphics. She is a Revit Architecture Certified Professional and an Autodesk Certified Instructor – Silver.

As Technical Director at AGACAD, Renata is responsible for the creation, delivery and continuous enhancement of the company’s BIM tools and solutions. That means making key software design and implementation decisions with developers, managing product roadmaps and change requests, scheduling tasks and tracking dependencies, ensuring quality, and educating staff and clients on technical best practices.

Andrius Bialyj
Senior BIM Application Engineer, AGACAD

An architect by training, Andrius specializes in the efficient design of wood- and metal-framed buildings and documentation for the fabrication of framed structures, including project data export to CNC machines. Besides offering general and specialized BIM training for Revit users, he consults clients on specific projects and processes. He has spoken at BIM conferences on the development of high-quality Revit models.

At AGACAD, Andrius heads a team of BIM solution engineers – experts in Revit and add-on technologies who train users and advise clients on effective workflows and contribute to the further development of existing and new software solutions. Before joining AGACAD, he worked in architectural building design for 8 years.

He is a Certified Autodesk Revit Professional and a Certified Autodesk Revit Instructor.

Ieva Leliūgė
BIM Application Engineer, AGACAD

Educated and experienced as an architect, Ieva is an expert in BIM technologies and efficient processes for wood constructions: from general framing to specialized timber options like post and beam, CLT and SIPS.

As a BIM Application Engineer at AGACAD, she is a specialist in Revit and add-on technologies who trains users and advises individual clients on effective workflows and also contributes to the further development of existing and new software solutions.

To date, Ieva has helped create and implement more efficient workflows for more than 200 architectural, engineering and modular fabrication companies.

She is a Certified Autodesk Revit Professional.

Valensas Balsevičius
Senior BIM Application Engineer, AGACAD

Valensas, who holds a master’s degree in civil engineering, worked for a decade as a licensed structural engineer before joining AGACAD, where his focus has been on developing Autodesk Revit add-ons and workflows for effective structural design using precast concrete. He has contributed to major advances in the efficient and detailed modelling of reinforcement (rebar) and connections in precast projects.

CAD, BIM and FEM software that Valensas has worked with professionally includes Revit, Dynamo, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Staad Pro, Robot Structural Analysis, and others. Having had clients and projects in more than 20 countries (in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East), he is familiar with the different processes and standards for structural design, modelling, shop drawings, manufacturing and construction. That makes it easy for him to communicate with all types of clients and understand their needs.

As a BIM Application Engineer at AGACAD, Valensas is a specialist in Revit and add-on technologies who trains users and advises individual clients on effective workflows. He is actively involved in the development and testing of new precast modelling and documentation tools.

Valensas is a Certified Autodesk Revit Professional and a Certified Autodesk Revit Instructor. He occasionally offers valuable Revit Tips &Tricks on the AGACAD blog.

Povilas Sindriūnas
BIM Application Engineer, AGACAD

Povilas is a BIM consultant for technical aspects of structural timber framing and related specialized Revit add-ons. He provides training and custom support for both new and advanced Revit users, including on topics of efficient workflows for complex wood framing as well as post-and-beam, CLT and SIPS structures.

Before joining AGACAD, Povilas studied architecture in Scotland and worked on the design of wood-frame constructions at a large international design company in London.

He is skilled in 2D drafting and 3D modelling with AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp as well as in 3D rendering/visualization using Vray, Enscape and Adobe Creation Suite.

Povilas is an Autodesk Revit Certified Professional.

Aleksandras Šeža
BIM Application Engineer, AGACAD

Aleksandras is an HVAC engineer with a degree in building energetics and a passion for design automation.

He worked with MEP design companies and contractors before joining AGACAD, where he specializes in software and processes for Revit project browsing, content management and quality control, as well as BIM solutions and workflows for MEP engineering, including fire sprinklers and HVAC systems.

Skilled in 2D drafting and 3D modelling with AutoCAD and Revit, he provides authorized training in Revit MEP for new users and advanced professionals, as well as support and expert consulting on effective BIM content management and MEP work.

Aleksandras is an Autodesk Revit Certified Professional.

Oliver Langwich
CEO, focus:BIM GmbH

Oliver is a structural engineer and building information modelling strategist. Working mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a BIM consultant, trainer and developer of custom automation solutions, he also speaks and writes on BIM issues and is known for innovative approaches to 3D modelling of infrastructure.

Before becoming CEO at focus:BIM GmbH in 2021, Oliver spent more than a decade at German Autodesk reseller Contelos. Starting as an application engineer, he went on to build and lead the company’s BIM consulting division. While assisting clients with Revit and BIM processes, he was the first to develop a strategy for modelling bridges according to German standards, in 2015, and later made advances in the modelling of tunnels, railway stations and water/sewage structures.

Oliver holds a master’s degree in civil engineering as well as the EIPOS BIM Expert qualification. He is an Autodesk Revit Certified Professional and an experienced Dynamo user, and is proficient with Navisworks, Enscape and a variety of tools for checking models. He speaks German and English.

He is a regular presenter at Autodesk University Germany and RTC/BILT conferences and has spoken at numerous other events for the architecture, engineering and construction industry. In addition to articles in industry publications, he shares his insights on the personal blog

Robert Åkesson

Robert Åkesson
System Developer, Trivselhus AB

Robert is a building information modelling (BIM) engineer. Educated as a civil engineer, he specializes in architectural, MEP and structural design and fabrication for single-family wood-framed houses.

Prior to his current role at a prominent producer of timber frame buildings in Sweden which is known for design excellence and energy-efficiency and works internationally, Robert was a CAD/BIM consultant at the country’s leading supplier of IT software and services for the building industry.

An Autodesk Revit Certified Professional, he speaks fluent Swedish and English. Robert is able to provide live training or consultation in Sweden on matters related to BIM, Revit and wood framing.

Geoffrey M. Jennings
Director, BIModular

Geoff has been using technologies to optimise construction processes for more than two decades.

A former specialist in steel framing for the US Naval Construction Force and vice president of the Texas Steel Framing Alliance, he currently runs a consulting group specialized in the implementation of BIM best practices at Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) organizations.

Initially educated in finance and a creator of new green building technologies, he is a Certified Revit Structure Professional, a member of Revit Inside the Factory, and an expert in AGACAD solutions for BIM. He has spoken at the annual Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI) Conference and a number of Revit User Groups. Geoff is able to provide live training and consultations in the U.S., Canada and other English-speaking regions, as well as in France. He works mainly with AEC companies, including modular manufacturers, component fabricators, and architectural and engineering firms.

Knut Sandvik
Application Engineer, Focus Software AS

Knut is a construction engineer and IT professional with three decades of experience. He currently works as an application engineer specialising in software for architecture, engineering and construction at Norway’s leading provider of building information modelling (BIM) solutions.

Fluent in Norwegian and English, Knut is a Revit Architecture Certified Professional who has spoken on BIM issues at AEC industry events. He also teaches BIM at the university level.

He can provide live training or consultation in the Nordic region on Revit use in architecture, construction, fire safety, and interior design, on light and energy analysis according to Norwegian standards, on BIM management for the construction industry, and on AGACAD wood framing tools.

Masanori Moriya
COO, M&F tecnica

Masanori Moriya is an architect with 26 years of experience and a Certified Autodesk Trainer. He currently manages M&F tecnica, a BIM developer and advisory firm with offices in Tokyo, Saitama and Miyazaki which offers innovative ITC solutions for the building industry as well as BIM trainings and architectural outsourcing services.

A regular contributor of insights at Autodesk events since 2017, Mr Masanori Moriya was chosen as one of the TOP AU 2020 SPEAKERS. He is able to provide live training and consultations in Japan and in Japanese on topics of BIM and Autodesk software, and can conduct training for the use of Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Dynamo, and Solibri.

Daiki Shibuya
Assistant Manager in Production Design, M&F tecnica

Daiki Shibuya is a licensed architect and construction manager. He assists companies with the implementation of BIM and training in related software. He has an underlying passion for finding ways to improve the safety and efficiency of work at construction sites through technological innovations.

Daiki Shibuya is able to provide live training and consultations in Japan and in Japanese on issues related to Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Dynamo, and Solibri software.