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Over 13,000 users in 130 countries rely on Agacad software for their professional needs.
Agacad products make designing BIM models easier, more accurate and at least twice as fast. From 2024 onwards, Agacad products have transitioned to a partner-exclusive distribution model. Agacad software is sold on a subscription license basis.
License types

We offer standalone and network license options. To better meet your needs.

Standalone licenses
These annual licenses are installed on a single workstation (one license, one computer). The advantage here is that there is no need to be connected to a network in order to use the software.
Network licenses
For mid-size to large companies, the network license may be exactly the solution to ensure users have access to the right software at the right time – without needing to install a standalone license on every user’s computer. License distribution among multiple users is controlled by your server. Please contact us regarding network licenses.
Software purchase plans
From full-service solutions to Team or Single licenses - they’re all about driving performance through process improvement. Responsibly. Relentlessly. Together.
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