Licensing Options

AGACAD offers standalone (SLM) licenses with the option of moving them onto your company’s network (NLM).

You begin by purchasing a standalone license. A standalone license only permits the software to be installed on a single workstation (1 license = 1 computer) without the need to be connected to a company network.

Our optional Network Activation Service allows you to move any number of standalone licenses onto the company server, allowing for easy and efficient control of software among multiple users. For companies with many users, the Network Service may be just the solution to ensure software users have access to the right products at the right time – without having to install a standalone license on every user’s computer.

How does the Network Activation Service work?

When we move standalone licenses onto the company server via the Network Activation Service, those licenses can then be shared among multiple employees. The number of employees who may access the software at any given moment is dictated by how many standalone licenses were moved onto the server. The Network License Manager (NLM), installed on one or more servers, controls the distribution of product licenses to users.

The fixed annual fee for the Network Activation Service is applied per server (not per license). The Network Activation Service must be renewed annually; if it is not renewed, then the networked licenses will revert to SLM. As long as a company’s Network Activation Service is active, current standalone licenses may be migrated onto the company server and vice versa without constraint.

It doesn’t matter how many standalone licenses you would like to network: even one standalone license can be moved onto the network.

Network Activation Service is available for all AGACAD programs (both BIM solutions and T4R add-ons).