June 6, 2018

Webinar Wrap-up: MEP Hangers – From Revit Family to Building Site

Thanks to all who attended our webinar on the new MEP Hangers BIM Solution that was recently released with lots of new features. See the Sneakpeek below for a snapshot of the webinar. For those who missed out – or who liked the live webinar so much that they want to see it again – head on over to our AGACAD Webinar playlist on YouTube. While there, please subscribe to our channel!

To summarize what the webinar covered, here’s an outline of the new features:

  • Combine multiple detail families to create a hanger/support assembly.
  • Lay out hangers, stands, or supports on MEP and connect to any LINKED structural elements.
  • Get all shop drawings and schedules.
  • Export connection points to Total Station.
  • Split ducts/pipes/trays/conduit with a union family.
  • Space hangers evenly for a whole run of ducts/pipes/trays/conduit.
  • Auto-find any object around MEP and connect hangers to it.
  • Automated LOD 400 modeling.
  • Rooftop stands.
  • Split ducts/pipes/trays/conduit to manufacturer’s length.
  • Automatically find details in one element and place them in the same location in another.

If you’re already using our MEP Hangers software, we hope this webinar recording is helpful. And if you’re not a current user yet, we invite you to try it out! Take a free trial by downloading our TOOLS4BIM Dock below.

Download TOOLS4BIM Dock

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