September 17, 2018

Webinar Wrap-up: CLT Panels

Thanks to all who attended our webinar on designing with CLT panels in Revit. If you missed out, never fear, the recording is here. Head on over to our AGACAD webinar playlist on YouTube.

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What did the CLT webinar cover?

  • Setting up configurations and standards for creating CLT panels for walls, floors, and roofs.
  • Auto-generating sheathing layouts by using predefined configurations.
  • Distributing & managing details for creating common CLT connections.
  • Automating shop drawings and cut lists with all required views; dimensioned, sorted, tagged and scheduled elements; and calculated mass.
  • Exporting elements and details to a CNC machine or CAD/CAM production line.

If you’re already using our framing software, we hope this webinar is helpful. And if you’re not a current user yet, we invite you to try it out! Take a free trial by downloading our TOOLS4BIM Dock below.

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