December 8, 2019

Webinar Wrap-up: 12 Revit tools for everyday carry (+ Sneakpeek)

Thanks to everyone who participated in our webinar about the 12 Revit add-ons in our Tools4Revit Suite. It was one of the biggest turnouts we’ve ever had! All seats were taken, so some of you who registered were unable to view the live webinar.

If you’d like to review the webinar, head over to our YouTube channel to watch it. While there, please subscribe to our channel! Meanwhile, here’s a trimmed down version showing a clip of each add-on.

What are some tasks our T4R Add-ons can do for you?

  • group, sort, and renumber elements
  • create and manage sheets
  • quickly generate documentation
  • import data from Excel to Revit, plus create, distribute, and modify elements accurately
  • create and manage legends of any Revit family category
  • precisely calculate overall heat transfer coefficients
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