December 14, 2017

WEBINAR: Framing Truss Floors in Revit

Our final webinar of 2017 will focus on framing truss floors, both wood and metal. You’ll see the whole workflow from having a floor modeled in Revit to creating a framed truss floor. Our engineer will show the workflow using Wood Framing Floor+ for creating a layout and Wood Framing Truss+RT for generating trusses, but the same process can be followed using our corresponding Metal Framing software.

If you’re a modeler, designer, engineer, or architect of floors in Revit, don’t miss out on our last webinar of the year! We kindly invite all current users of our Framing software as well as potential users to attend this 30-min webinar.

See how to cut and frame openings according to predefined rules, distribute Join Connections and other details automatically using Smart Details and finally – how to prepare shop drawings and cut lists and even export wood (or metal) elements and details to any CNC machine and CAD/CAM production line, such as Hundegger, Weinmann, etc.

Specific topics that the webinar will address:

  • Auto-generating truss floor framing using custom rules and templates
  • Automating sheathing layouts
  • Finding structural and engineering clashes
  • Cutting and framing openings according to predefined rules
  • Distributing Join Connections and other details using your own configurations
  • Preparing custom shop drawings and cut lists, with all required views, where elements are dimensioned, sorted, tagged, and scheduled, and mass is calculated
  • Optional export of elements and details to any CNC
    machine and CAD/CAM
    production lines
    , such as Hundegger, Weinmann, etc.


Eve Januleviciute | Architectural Engineering, BIM Application Engineer & Certified Revit Professional

See how to use these…


…to make this!

We hope you can join us!

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