October 25, 2017

WEBINAR: Cut Opening improvements for structural openings

We kindly invite you to attend our webinar this Thursday about Cut Opening. Our MEP engineer Jokubas is going to keep this one short and sweet! In only 15 minutes, he’s going to show three improvements that resulted from our collaboration with leading Scandinavian companies, like MOE, Ramboll, and COWI.

In yet another example of BUILDING BIM TOGETHER, our software has been enhanced based on our work with fellow BIM experts. Now with Cut Opening you can:

  • Insert openings even if there is an air gap between architectural and structural walls
  • Join openings
  • Extend openings to base of structural wall

Cut Opening is a powerful tool with a wide range of applications for structural, architectural, and MEP engineers. With these latest improvements, it’s gained even more versatility to meet the demands of BIM users.

We hope you’ll join us Thursday for this short 15-min webinar to see it for yourself!


Jokūbas Vaišvila | MEP Engineering / BIM Application Engineer & Certified Revit Professional

After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the link to join the webinar. Please be sure to turn on your speakers for the webinar! If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by email at events@aga-cad.com.

We hope to see there!

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