February 15, 2021

New Feature added to Wall Reinforcement Revit Tool: Automated Rebar for Wall Corners

Walls can be connected in different ways, depending on the country and type of wall, whether it’s precast or cast-in-place. It takes quite a lot of time to model connection bars for walls in Revit, so we went ahead and automated it based on examples that some of our clients from seismic regions sent in.

This new update for our Wall Reinforcement tool lets you define how rebar should be placed at wall corner connections, so it eliminates the task of modelling those connections manually. One more reducer of BIM stress, right there. Use it on cast-in-situ or precast concrete walls. Here‘s a quick look at what you can do now for wall corners automatically.

Wall corner rebar modeled in Revit
Wall corner reinforcement in Revit

There are multiple options for defining corner rebar placement in the configurations. You just need to pick the bar shapes that should be modelled and then create reinforcement for the selected walls.

Wall reinforcement corner configurations in AGACAD's Wall Reinforcement Tool for Revit

In this update, the configurations can be applied to perpendicular wall corners. We will consider other types of wall connections and corner bar shapes in the future depending on client requests that come in. So get in touch if you have a request!

Here’s a quick video showing auto-placement of wall corner rebar.

Current users of our Precast Concrete BIM Solution for Revit, be sure to download this latest update for the Wall Reinforcement feature via the TOOLS4BIM Dock.

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