April 23, 2015

Transferring Information from Architectural Room to Engineering Space

Autodesk® Revit® users are quite familiar with work in collaboration with different parts of the project (ex. Architects and MEP Engineers).

Usually they are linking architecture model to MEP model or otherwise. The architects add needed information such as number and name. The same information should appear in spaces. Moreover, if there are hundreds of rooms it can take way too long to type each one by hand. We have a few suggestions for transferring room information into spaces (using Revit by itself or with Revit app):

1. You can use room tags in linked model to visualize room names and numbers. The information still remains in the room but you will have them on your plan views as well as the sheets. Here you can use “Tag All” functionality but you should include elements from the linked file.

2. Create spaces that you will use in your further work. You can create them one by one or use “Place spaces automatically” functionality to distribute them with one click. I suggest using “Tag on placement” functionality to shorten your work. Then all needed spaces are located in the same places and has the same boundaries as rooms – we can start the work. There is a free Add-in called Space Naming Utility that you can find in the Autodesk Subscription Center (Autodesk Account). This tool will transfer information from rooms to spaces, and the information will be available for tagging and all the rest work.

Please be careful with manual and automatic space distribution. The space should fill all the premises, so if you have different heights of rooms it would not work correctly.

3. We suggest Revit users to use an additional productivity-boosting tool for the Autodesk Revit software RAS Manager.

If you add spaces to the project using the RAS Manager feature “Place Spaces by All or Selected Rooms”, then spaces will be placed automatically according to rooms’ heights, numbers and names automatically. You will never need to double check the names or numbers of spaces as well as their heights.

This article included three different ways for transferring information from architectural room to engineering space. Please choose the most suitable one for you.